November 3, 2012

Boston's Controversial Helmet Campaign
(Image Courtesy of Boston Magazine)


A bad sign on the horizon Boston Globe

Brian McGrory-- The state has drafted language for new outdoor advertising regulations that, if approved, would open up highways to a potential onslaught of electronic billboards that feature bright lights and changing messages. It may or may not be an overstatement to say that the Southeast Expressway will suddenly look like the Las Vegas Strip, but it would look a lot different than it does now.


The Take: Parking In Boston Should Be More Expensive Boston Magazine

Patrick Doyle-- Driving in Boston is about as much fun as an emergency appendectomy with a jigsaw. Those of us who live here are well equipped to deliver detailed lectures on the reasons why: one-way streets derived from 17th-century cow paths; the lack, for the most part, of a grid; poor to nonexistent signage; and the general willingness of citizens on foot, on bike, and behind the wheel to dart out recklessly into traffic. But as bad as driving is in Boston, it’s a dream compared with the parking.


Charles River Skatepark design includes local elements

Joanna Kaiser-- Iconic Boston skateboarding landmarks will be recreated in the Charles River Skatepark after its developers met with local skaters to collaborate on the design of the long-awaited park. 

Developers of the Charles River Skatepark unveiled their design plans Monday after hearing from the public and local skateboarders at two public meetings.

The proposed design, created by design firm ASD-Stantec, replicates iconic Boston skateboarding landmarks, such as the volcano-shaped mounds at the former Boston City Hospital, in hopes of giving the park an authentic Boston feel. 

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Transit Initiatives Are Giving a Boost to Businesses, a Report Says NY Times

Matt Flegenheimer--The Bloomberg administration has long trumpeted the safety benefits of its many roadway initiatives, hoping to rebuff critics who consider the policies to be undue interventions from a meddling city.

And in a report unveiled on Wednesday, the city’s Transportation Department says it has identified another benefit to pedestrian plazas, bike lanes and a rapid-transit bus system: Businesses that operate nearby have seen a pronounced bump.

“These projects are not just about the quality of life or aesthetics,” Janette Sadik-Khan, the city’s transportation commissioner, said in a phone interview. “In case after case, these projects really do set the table for economic development.”


Hurricane Sandy Provokes the Largest Preemptive Public Transportation Shutdown in U.S.History  Atlantic Cities

Sommer Mathis-- When residents of the U.S. Northeast's largest cities wake up Monday morning, they'll have few options other than to stay put at home. Hurricane Sandy's daunting approach has led to an unprecedented preemptive response from officials to bring some of the most densely populated areas of the United States to a virtual standstill.

By 10 p.m. Sunday night, mass transit agencies in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. had announced that trains and buses would not operate Monday, marking the first time in U.S. history such widespread public transportation service suspensions have been announced before the serious part of a storm has even begun.


What Really Happens When a City Makes Its Transit System Free? Atlantic Cities

Henry Grabar--When Jean-Francois Mayet became mayor of Châteauroux in 2001, the town’s transit system was descending into irrelevance. Each of Châteauroux’s 49,000 inhabitants took the bus, on average, 21 times per year, well below the 38 per annum average for small French cities.

Mayet, a member of France’s socialist party, did what few mayors confronted with a struggling mass transit system would do: he made the whole thing free.




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Transportation financing/Government


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Development projects

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Land Use/Planning

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  • New York City
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International news

  • China
  • The Netherlands
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