April 8, 2014

Late Night T Service
Late Night T Service Comes to Boston!
(Image Courtesy of Boston Magazine)


MBTA's Late-Night T Service Hits the Tracks Boston Magazine

For the second time in the city’s history, Boston had itself a T party.

On a typical Saturday morning at 1 a.m., Beverly Scott, general manager of the MBTA, would be at home watching C-Span or binging on episodes of Game of Thrones. “I have to get myself all set up for the new season, that’s what I would have been doing,” she said.

But not this weekend. In the wee hours of Saturday morning, Scott was instead standing on a platform along the Red Line at Park Street, wrapped in an orange shawl, waving as customers shuffled on and off of the trains at the downtown transit hub, all of them taking advantage of the first-ever late-night MBTA train service.

Alarm over a tsunami of development brings call for ban, citywide master plan Cambridge Day

City councillor Dennis Carlone has launched an online petition asking for new citywide master plan, first circulating a letter at Monday’s inaugural meeting of the Fresh Pond Residents Alliance in which he called for “an open process that will begin to provide a cohesive vision for how our city will grow and mature in the years to come,” stronger design review and “action to ensure that zoning guidelines are applied in a way that reinforces all that we love about our neighborhoods.”

Report: Parking in Boston really is that bad Boston.com

Few pleasures are as sweet as the comfort of knowing you’re justified in whining about parking in Boston.

A new study from the personal finance website NerdWallet ranked Boston the fifth-worst city in the nation for the quality of parking — putting it behind Chicago, Oakland, San Francisco, and New York City.

The ranking was based off average daily and monthly parking costs and vehicle theft rates, but didn’t look at the real torment of Hub drivers: the ratio of on-street parking spots to cars seeking a temporary home.

Doc Says Pedal -- Boston Launches ‘Prescribe-A-Bike’ Hubway Program WBUR

Boston Medical Center physicians can now refer low-income patients for a $5 membership to Hubway, the area’s bike share system, under a new initiative announced by the city Wednesday.

The “Prescribe-a-Bike” program seeks to address health disparities and increase residents’ access to affordable transportation options, the mayor’s office said in a release. “Obesity is a significant and growing health concern for our city, particularly among low-income Boston residents,” BMC President and CEO Kate Walsh said in a statement. “Regular exercise is key to combating this trend, and Prescribe-a-Bike is one important way our caregivers can help patients get the exercise they need to be healthy.”

Big news in the world of infrastructure financing SSTI

Fitch Rating—the third largest credit rating agency in the U.S.—acknowledged earlier this month that we may be entering a new era in travel demand, which will likely have a major impact on transportation infrastructure spending. In a recent commentary article, they point to record transit use and multi-family home construction as two key trends affecting this change. 



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