July 3, 2014



A new appeal for safe driving

(Image courtesy of MassDOT)

Op-Ed: Sending school kids to school on public transit is a bad choice Globe

THE BOSTON Public Schools system plans to eliminate bus service for its seventh and eighth grade students next year. Instead of boarding school buses, 4,500 12- and 13-year-olds will receive passes to ride the MBTA to school.

This plan requires budget approval by the Boston City Council, and several councilors have raised significant concerns about its shortfalls. Since the MBTA is not planning to increase service, T riders may find themselves acting as de facto chaperones on more crowded buses, trains, and subway platforms.


More Meetings About Uber's Operations to Be Held in Cambridge Boston Magazine

The battle over Uber’s business operations is taking a back seat as Cambridge officials craft a new set of proposed regulations, and prepare for additional public hearings on the matter.

Andrea Jackson, chairwoman of the city’s License Commission, said the department’s executive director would do a “complete rewrite” of a proposal floated by the city earlier this month that set off a heated debate between fans of Uber’s on-demand car services, and drivers from the taxi industry that are under strict guidelines regulated by lawmakers.


Bike use is rising among the young, but it is skyrocketing among the old People for Bikes

There's no question that Generation Y's tendency to favor city life and its declining enthusiasm for car ownership has boosted bike transportation. But as the older Civil Rights Generation and the Baby Boomers who followed them have entered the last third of their lives, they've quietly transformed what it means to be the kind of person who rides a bicycle.

Between 1995 and 2009, the most recent year for which data is available from the National Household Travel Survey, the rise in biking among people ages 60-79 accounted for 37 percent of the total nationwide increase in bike trips.


There Is Now Scientific Evidence That Parking Makes People Crazy StreetsBlog

All this week, we’ve been unpacking the nuances of the first major study of protected bike lanes in the United States. Today, we’re wrapping things up by taking a moment for perhaps the most amusing finding in the179-page report.

Even when a protected bike lane project creates on-street parking spaces where none existed before, 30 percent of nearby residents think the project made parking worse.


5 Lessons U.S. Transit Systems Should Learn from London City Lab

Public transportation in London achieves the sort of financial efficiency that most U.S. transit agencies can only dream of matching. Last year, Transport for London (TfL) spent 6.8 billion pounds operating its bus, rail, and metro systems, and generated 4.8 billion pounds in revenue (mostly through fares). In the parlance of transit wonks, that's a recovery rate of roughly 70 percent. In general terms, it means riders pay for most TfL operations, leaving taxpayers on the hook for only a slice.

The agency isn't stopping there. By the end of this decade, TfL expects to break even across its entire system—meaning it won't need any public subsidies for operations at all. (It will still require public support for major capital projects and some periodic maintenance.) TfL even plans to cover the cost of routes and services that lose money but provide valuable public services.



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  • Back Bay car crash kills pedestrians, Brookline couple Metro


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Transportation Finance/Government

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Development projects

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  • Somerville Union Square $1 Billion Redevelopment -- Magellan Development Group BostInno
  • Will Walsh boot a chance to boost housing in Hyde Park? Globe

Land Use/Planning

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  • Smart zoning reform will lead to better development Somerville Times
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  • Grand Junction Path scope changes as planners look to expand railroad Wicked Local 
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International news

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