August 16, 2013

Boston's Coffee Trike

(Image Courtesy of BRA News) 

Cutout of cop used to combat crime at subway stop in Cambridge, Mass. Mass Transit Mag, MSN

As part of an effort to cut crime at the Alewife MBTA subway and bus station in Cambridge, transit police placed a cardboard cutout of a police officer in the bicycle cage. Hundreds of people use the racks daily.

Deputy Chief Robert Lenehan says the fake cop, along with video cameras and a new lock, has cut bike thefts by 67 percent.


People Go to Insane Lengths to Avoid Boston's Parking Headaches Boston Magazine

Eric Randall-- Boston Globe reporter Sean P. Murphy has a great story about how the businesswoman, a member of the family that owned the Park Plaza Hotel for decades, used her clout to avoid the parking headaches that the rest of us must endure. Saunders hired consultant Gregg Donovan, a South Boston developer with ties to the Mayor’s office, to petition city officials to relocate an unused valet parking space from a nearby closed restaurant to curb outside her office at 20 Park Plaza, Murphy reports. Whereas other valet spaces are located in front of high-turnover businesses, like hotels, Saunders’s was outside an office building adjacent to a hotel. That’s allowed her to park in the otherwise unused space all day without attracting the attention of city parking enforcement officers. She appears to pay no fee, Murphy reports, because the space is in the name of the Park Plaza Hotel.


Consumers Are 'Driving Light,' By Choice And By Accident Forbes

Micheliene Maynard-- Americans are definitely driving less, and have been reducing the miles spent on the road for almost a decade, according to a new University of Michigan study. That doesn’t mean the country has turned into a big parking lot. Instead, a number of consumers are reordering their automotive priorities, and taking trips primarily when they most need to.


Shoup: SFpark Yields Promising Results, Lessons for Demand-Based Pricing SF StreetsBlog

Aaron Bialick-- Donald Shoup may be known as a guru of smart parking policy, but even he has found a few surprises in the data collected so far from SFpark.

“The biggest surprise I got was that prices went up and down, but overall, they stayed the same. The average price actually declined by 1 percent,” said Shoup, professor of urban planning at UCLA and author of The High Cost of Free Parking, the bible of modern parking policy. “That surprised everybody. People thought it was just a way to jack up prices, but the city specifically said, ‘We are going to set prices according to this principle.’”
SFpark, which uses “smart meters” and ground sensors to measure parking occupancy and adjust prices accordingly, is providing valuable lessons for San Francisco and cities around the world that want to reduce the amount of time drivers spend cruising the streets for a parking space.


In Vancouver, Traffic Decreases as Population Rises DC StreetsBlog

Angie Schmitt-- The perennial contender for the title of world’s most livable city has accomplished what Houston or Atlanta never even dream of: It has reduced traffic on its major thoroughfares even as its population has swelled. How did the city pull off this feat? The answer is intentionally, with smart policies.



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