August 4, 2013


Longfellow project gets underway

(Photo Courtesy of Boston Globe)


Longfellow Bridge project proves a puzzler for drivers Boston Globe

Joshua Miller-- On the first day of the partial closure of the Longfellow Bridge — no cars allowed from Boston to Cambridge and vehicles coming into Boston directed onto the opposite side of the bridge — there was some confusion but no chaos.

The new rules of the road mark the beginning of the 3½-year, $255 million project to rehabilitate the famous span, which was built more than 100 years ago. The project aims to upgrade the bridge’s structure and make repairs to the MBTA tracks that run down its middle. But with such a significant traffic change on a major thoroughfare, the project will not be able to avoid creating headaches for motorists.


House and Senate override Governor's veto, transportation finance bill becomes law Boston Globe

Martine Powers-- The Legislature voted Wednesday to override Governor Deval Patrick’s veto of an $800 million transportation finance bill, concluding months of political wrangling and ensuring that drivers see an increase in the price they pay at the pump starting next week.

Already, groups are crying foul about the process of deciding which transportation projects will take priority now that the new funds have been approved.


State to delay 2-year closure of Government Center Station until after Callahan Tunnel reopens

Matt Rocheleau-- The planned two-year closure of Government Center subway station will be delayed until after the Callahan Tunnel reopens next spring, MBTA officials announced today.

Government Center Station has been scheduled to close for construction for 24 months starting in September, but state transportation Secretary Richard A. Davey decided recently to keep the station open until after the reopening of the Callahan Tunnel, which is scheduled to close for construction from the end of December to the end of March.


Smog-Eating Pavement In Netherlands Can Cut Pollution By Up To 45 Percent, Study Says Huffington Post

Meredith Bennett-Smith-- Dutch scientists are heralding the results of an experimental pavement they say was able to cut air pollution by wide margins.

The news was published online in June after researchers working for the Eindhoven University of Technology spent years studying smog-eating pavement used on a city block in Hengelo, Netherlands.


Strong Towns' Chuck Marohn: Why Suburban Growth Is a Ponzi Scheme StreetFilms

Clarence Eckerson, Jr.-- Chuck Marohn cofounded the non-profit Strong Towns in 2009. Since then he has steadily built an audience for his message about the financial folly of car-centric planning and growth. The suburban development pattern that has prevailed since the end of World War II has resulted in what Marohn calls "the growth Ponzi scheme" -- a system that isn't viable in the long run because it cannot bring in enough revenue to cover its costs.



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Transportation financing/Government

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Development projects

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Land Use/Planning

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