December 14, 2010

Snow Sweeper
A sweeper cleans the snow off of a cycletrack in Copenhagen
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  • For bikers, walkers, a positive step (Boston Globe)
    By Eric Moskowitz -- The state’s highway officials are considering a plan to narrow the Longfellow Bridge’s Cambridge-bound side from two car lanes to one to provide nearly twice as much space for walkers and bikers. The step would mark a significant achievement for the environmentalists and other advocates who see the Longfellow as a prominent test of whether officials are serious about reversing decades of public policy favoring cars over other forms of transportation.
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  • City Discusses Use And Maintenance of Brick Paving (Somerville Patch, Ward 5 Online)
    The issue remains in Committee for further discussion.
    By Katie Lannigan -- The public works commissioner has been ordered to identify and repair all damaged bricks in Davis Square before the winter to avoid pedestrian accidents. The Board of Aldermen approved the order Thursday night. The Committee on Public Health and Public Safety also discussed the City's use and maintenance of brick pavers on city sidewalks and crosswalks this week. ´╗┐Meetings were held after residents expressed concerns about the possibility that the bricks posed a danger to the mobility impaired.
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  • Bike Lanes Removed After Complaints from Neighborhood Council (Charlestown Patch, Boston Biker, Universal Hub, Boston Metro, WBZ)
    The bike lanes that were installed on Main Street this fall were removed last week by city crews.
    By Kristi Ceccarossi -- City crews were in Charlestown early last Friday, grinding down the bicycle lanes that were painted along the length of Main Street this fall. It seemed the lanes vanished just as quickly and mysteriously as they had arrived, but, in fact, their removal was a direct response to complaints from the Charlestown Neighborhood Council.
  • MBTA raises roof for bikes (Boston Herald, MassBike)
    By Richard Weir -- The days of pedaling home on a soggy seat may come to an end for many commuters who cycle to the rails with 50 bike canopies being built at major MBTA train, bus and subway stations. The new bike ports — a handful are already under construction at rail stations from Worcester to Andover — will shelter 12 or more bicycles under a galvanized steel awning that will be located in well-traveled spots near platforms or entrances.
  • Expansion of Bike Lanes in City Brings Backlash (New York Times, Streetsblog)
    By J. David Goodman -- Over the last four years, the streets of New York City have undergone a transformation: More than 250 miles of traffic lanes dedicated for bicycles have been created, and several laws intended to promote cycling have been passed. The efforts by the Bloomberg administration have placed the city at the forefront of a national trend to make bicycling viable and safe even in the most urban of settings. Yet over the last year, a backlash has taken hold.
  • Deficit Commission: Raise The Gas Tax. And Soon. (Transportation Nation)
    By Todd Zwillich -- The president’s deficit commission is taking aim at the Highway Trust Fund in its quest to take a hatchet to federal spending and debt. The report from the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform–out just this morning on Capitol Hill–calls for $3.8 trillion in deficit reduction by 2020. It’s a downright austere prescription including tax increases, spending cuts and other reforms designed to, as one member put it “right the fiscal ship” of the nation. The politically-charged document has politicians running to their ideological corners in anticipation of a brutal fight over fiscal policy.
  • VIDEO: Reality vs. Myth: The "dangers" of Dutch cycle paths (A view from the cycle path)
    By If cycling is to become "normalized" - i.e. something that the majority of the population sees as a part of their life, which parents encourage their children to do, and spouses encourage their partners to do, then it needs something different. All three types of safety become important. Dutch cyclists are the safest in the world due to infrastructure which keeps them apart from what is the greatest danger to any road user: motor vehicles. They also feel the safest due to street designs which emphasize both social and subjective safety, and this leads to a very high degree of participation.






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National trends

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