February 19, 2013

With all the snow came an experiment in community

(Photo Courtesy of Boston Streets)


Cyclists react with anger after grand jury returns no indictment in Wellesley bike crash case Boston Globe 

Martine Powers-- It’s a common refrain among local ­cyclists: Want to kill someone and get away with it? Run them over while they’re on a bicycle.

Within Boston’s growing cycling community, a perceived lack of criminal prosecution of motorists involved in fatal bike crashes has been a regular source of outrage in recent years. That ire came to a ­fever pitch last week, when a grand jury investigation of a Wellesley bike crash with seemingly copious evidence — video footage, witnesses defending the deceased bicyclist, a truck driver who had fled the scene and had an extensive history of driving infractions — came back with no charges.

The grand jury’s decision, bicyclists contend, is evidence of a wider problem: Most people do not respect the rights of bike riders.

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Boston issues 6, 900 parking tickets, tows 650 cars, hands out at least $25, 650 in snow removal fines Boston.com

Matthew Rocheleau-- About 6,900 parking tickets have been issued and more than 650 vehicles towed in Boston since the past weekend’s snowstorm hit. And, city officials have issued more than 500 to property owners who failed to adequately clear sidewalks or who put snow on city streets and sidewalks.

The parking tickets, which range from $15 to $120 depending on the infraction, represent at least $103,380 in fines handed out between Friday and Tuesday. The tows, which are done by private companies and generally cost an additional $100 to $150, represent at least $66,300 charged to Boston drivers during that span.

The snow removal-related citations, which cost between $50 and $300 each depending on the violation, represent at least $25,650 in fines handed out between Saturday and Tuesday morning.

Walkable Urbanism as Foreign Policy Atlantic Cities

Emily Badger--Earlier this month, national security scholar Patrick Doherty published a proposal in Foreign Policy magazine for America’s next “grand strategy,” a plan for how the U.S. should reposition itself in a world defined less by threats from communism or terrorism and more by the global challenge of sustainability. His offering is among a crop of such foreign policy tracts all aiming big ideas at the newly re-inaugurated president.

These treatises usually have little to do with the more prosaic problems of cities, with housing or transportation or unemployment. But part of Doherty’s particular argument snagged our attention: He believes a central piece of American security and strength in the 21st century will reside in walkable neighborhoods.

Walkability, as we typically think of it in cities, is deeply connected to sustainability, public health and economic development. But foreign policy? That was a new one even for us.

Why People Choose Cars, Even When Mass Transit Would Serve Them Better Atlantic 


Eric Jaffe-- People don't always make rational decisions. The entire field of behavioral economics, with all its colorfully named biases and heuristics, is based on our irrationality. If that's not enough to convince you, then let us remind you that Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is a thing.

Go ahead and add cars to the illogical list too. In an upcoming paper in Transport Policy, a group of Italian researchers report that people show an irrational bias toward automobiles — they call it the "car effect." Instead of considering all travel modes and choosing the one that saves the most time and money, people prefer to drive even when it's not the best objective option

The psychology of why cyclists enrage car drivers BBC

Tom Stafford-- Something about cyclists seems to provoke fury in other road users. If you doubt this, try a search for the word "cyclist" on Twitter. As I write this one of the latest tweets is this: "Had enough of cyclists today! Just wanna ram them with my car." This kind of sentiment would get people locked up if directed against an ethnic minority or religion, but it seems to be fair game, in many people's minds, when directed against cyclists. Why all the rage?

I've got a theory, of course. It's not because cyclists are annoying. It isn't even because we have a selective memory for that one stand-out annoying cyclist over the hundreds of boring, non-annoying ones (although that probably is a factor). No, my theory is that motorists hate cyclists because they think they offend the moral order.



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