January 2, 2013

Boston comes in 4th on Bike Score
Boston comes in 4th on Bike Score

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Episode 16: Livable Streets with Charlie Denison Critical Transit

While in Boston I sat down with Charlie Denison, Advocacy Committee Chair of the Livable Streets Alliance, a local network of sustainable transportation advocates. We discuss the latest in the ongoing effort to redesign our transport networks to serve all users and shift the balance away from car oriented development. Charlie is a multimodal transit user and passionate advocate for safer and more inviting streets where everyone can coexist peacefully.

Leveling Out Somerville Scout

By Tom Nash-- Go find an empty toilet paper roll. Place that over one eye, and cover the other with your hand.

This is something like having retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative eye disease Eileen Feldman negotiates with every step she takes.

“It’ll feel disgusting to you,” Feldman says as she sips a chai at Bloc 11. “I have no peripheral vision. I just kind of have to scan the room all the time.Especially if I’m in a new environment.”Feldman, who’s lived in Somerville for nearly a decade, has had plenty of time to adjust to the surroundings of her Prospect Hill neighborhood.

100+ debate Casey project at hearing JP Gazette

By Rebeca Oliveira-- More than 100 people came out to support or oppose the Casey Arborway project at a three-hour Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) Office hearing at English High School on Dec. 13.

The hearing was technically a public “consultation” among MEPA officials and state Department of Transportation (MassDOT) planners about whether the project, which will replace the Casey Overpass in Forest Hills with new surface streets, requires a full-scale environmental impact study. MassDOT filed a report claiming there will be minimal environmental impact.

Some residents called variously for more or less environmental study, depending on whether they want to speed the project ahead or stop it in the hopes of getting a replacement bridge instead. Members of several pro-Casey Arborway groups, including the Boston Cyclists Union, were out in force, as was Bridging Forest Hills, which wants a replacement bridge. Most of the comments were general opinions about the project and a majority were in favor of the surface-street plan.

Avis to Buy Zipcar, But Will We Be Left to Zip in Peace? Boston Magazine

By Eric Randall-- Rental car company Avis will buy Zipcar, the Cambridge-based short term rental service, for $500 million, pending shareholder approval, the companies announced today. We’re already seeing fans of the newer, more nimble Zipcar stressing out on social media that the bulkier, more traditional Avis will muck things up.

4 Great Transportation Projects to Watch (and 4 Awful Ones) Atlantic Cities

By Eric Jaffe-- The Sierra Club has released a list of the 50 best and worst transportation projects in the United States , most of which are connected to the country's major metro areas. Sierra evaluated projects based on five criteria — oil use, environmental impact, public health, economics, and land use — though the report essentially separates them into transit good, highways bad. Some of these efforts, like the Alaskan Way Viaduct in Seattle, have already made our lists of mistaken urban highways. Here's a look at four more with great promise, and another four with awful potential.

Beijing Opens Four New Subway Lines to Ease Congestion Business Week

By Bloomberg News-- Beijing put four subway lines and extensions into operation yesterday as part of the Chinese capital’s efforts to expand its public urban transport network and ease traffic congestion.

The openings bring the number of lines in the Chinese capital to 16 with a total length of 442 kilometers (275 miles), according to a statement on the website of government-owned Beijing Subway Operation Co. which runs the system.

China’s economy has quadrupled in size over the past decade, boosting car ownership that’s led to clogged roads and forced some cities to impose traffic restrictions. The nation, home to 16 of the world’s 20 most polluted cities, according to the World Bank, has this year accelerated approvals for the construction of local transport networks across the country.




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Land Use/Planning

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