Committee & Board opportunities

We are always seeking people to get involved. Here are some opportunities to connect with like minded people and help us grow. Volunteer on a regular basis, or get involved for a particular project, event or committee! Please contact the appropriate committee chair. It would be helpful if you could provide a resume and letter of interest so we know how to involve you best. There are lots of ways to get involved with LivableStreets. 

The Fundraising Committee 
is looking for you if you have experience developing fundraising strategies, grant writing, event, and/or individual or corporate donor cultivation. The committee meets monthly. There are also special projects or events you can get involved in for a fixed amount of time planning [think Bike4Life or large speaker event]. Interested? Contact: Kathryn Carlson, [email protected].

The Finance Committee 
is looking for people interested in helping strengthens and document financial processes and policies. Do you have experience with small company or non-profit accounting, finance, administration or operations? Do you want to lead or participate in a budget process or have strong quantitative, analytical and technical writing skills? Plug into the LivableStreets Finance Committee that meets quarterly. Contact: Briana Malloy, [email protected].

The Governance Committee
is looking for non-profit legal and governance experience as well as people interested in future board leadership. The committee meets monthly. We focus on internal policy development for the organization, help with Human Resources for staff and facilitate the nominations process. Contact: Nina Garfinkle,

The Strategic Planning Committee 
organizes the annual board & staff all-day retreat and leads high-level multi-year strategic planning for the organization in coordination with the executive director. Are you good at leading groups of thought leaders through a strategic planning process over the course of several months? Good at organizing a fun and engaging retreat? Contact: Jeff Rosenblum, [email protected].

Board of Directors of LivableStreets 
is looking for leaders and motivated self starters with non-profit board experience now for Fall 2014 nominations process. The Board of Directors meets monthly on the third Wednesday of every month. Board of Directors are also expected to be active on one of the above committees. If you're interested in joining the leadership team, we want to talk to you. Contact: Nina Garfinkle, [email protected].

Advocacy Committee 
is looking for community members to spearhead projects. These range from large overpass projects to single roads or particular bike lanes. The committee meets monthly. We have a broad focus — some of the skills we seek are PR experience, research and analysis, traffic engineering, letter writing, and speaking at meetings. Contact: Charlie Denison, [email protected].