The banner photo shows a number of pamphlets lying together on a surface. The pamphlets include LivableStreets Impact Reports from 2015-2017 and a pamphlet about Bus Rapid Transit in Boston.

We hope that these resources are helpful and inspire you to get more involved in this work!

Quick Facts

Learn more about three of our program areas with these downloadable "Quick Facts" sheets:

Learn more about the benefits of common transportation planning concepts that are being implemented today for safer, more livable streets today:

How-to Guides

These guides lay-out basic instructions and processes for some of the most commonly used advocacy tools. We also include an example in each guide.

Policy Recommendations


Keeping Pace: How Greater Boston's Bus System Can Support a Growing and Changing Region
The cover of the Enforcement report, showing diagonal lines in a light teal & the title \
Boston Vision Zero Progress Report, Year Five - 2019 & 2020
The cover of the UEP summary report, with a photo of a public meeting in a green wash and a photo of a car and a cyclist crossing the Longwood Bridge in a blue wash.
The cover of the Tight Spot report, showing a bus driving along a bus-bike only lane; a person on a bike rides to the bus's right.
The cover of the Go Boston 2030 report, with a photo showing people walking and biking along a street in Boston
The cover of the 64 Hours Better Buses report, with a photograph of several people waiting for the 50 bus, and the report title in white on an orange background.
The cover of the Cambridge Vision Zero Year One Progress Report
The cover of the Better Buses report, with a photo showing a line of people waiting to board the 47 bus to Central Square
The cover of the Longwood Area report, with a photo of groups of people crossing the street
The top of the 2018 Vision Zero Progress Report Boston: Year Three Scorecard
The top of the 2017 Vision Zero Progress Report Boston: Year Two Scorecard
The top of the 2016 Vision Zero Progress Report: Boston


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