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 Banner photo for the Emerald Network, featuring the EN logo at the bottom. The photo shows a paved path with pedestrians, a person riding a bike, and someone in a wheelchair all moving towards the camera.

Boston is growing and changing rapidly, with population and job-growth both on the rise. 34% of Boston residents do not own a car. 42% of Boston residents want mobility and open space improvements in their neighborhood (Go Boston 2030, Imagine Boston).

The Emerald Network creates safe, non-motorized pathways that mimic common routes that many people already travel. As the network opens connections to transit, jobs, and open space, it has the power to prompt habitual changes in how we get around.

Visit the Emerald Network program website. Download our Emerald Network Quick Facts (Español)

A map of Boston highlighting the vision of a completed Emerald Network.

What is the Emerald Network?

  • The Emerald Network is a vision for 200 miles of seamless shared-use greenway paths in the urban core of Boston and its adjacent cities.
  • Boston has a rich legacy of linear parks and greenways, but they were never finished. The Emerald Network builds on this portfolio of 100 miles of greenways.

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"We're excited by LivableStreets' Emerald Network initiative. It's a perfect pairing with Boston's Green Links project — a plan to provide walking and biking connections for all residents to Boston's largest parks. The Emerald Network takes Boston's local plan to scale in the region."

- Chris Osgood, former Boston Chief of Streets | Boston Globe

A paved path in the woods with about a dozen people traveling along it, either on foot, on bicycle, or being pushed in a wheelchair or stroller.Why Greenways?

  • Greenways help to boost health and mobility by connecting people to open spaces and providing safe, green routes for active transportation.

  • Greenways reduce congestion on our roads, aligning with Boston's goal of reducing emissions. 

  • Greenways create connected, more livable communities where people can thrive. 

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"By collaborating with the Emerald Network initiative at LivableStreets, park groups, community volunteers and other grassroots organizations we can repair the broken connections and provide more access to the parks for everyone."

- Karen Mauney-Brodek, President of the Emerald Necklace Conservancy

A family of four, two adults and two children in a stroller, walks down the sidewalk while a pedestrian and a person riding a bicycle cross the street in a crosswalk behind them.Why Now?

  • Boston is a thriving, changing city with significant physical and social challenges. There is no better way to increase mobility than with a network that supports active transportation and expands the reach of the existing transit system.
  • We are at a unique moment in time as agencies and citizens are collaborating on long-term plans to envision and shape the future of our cities, including Go Boston 2030, Imagine Boston 2030, Cambridge Citywide Master Plan, and DCR’s Urban Path and Parkways Study.

A line of people, mostly dressed in suits or business casual, hold an orange ribbon; it has been cut in the middle.What's Happening

More than 30 miles of the Emerald Network are currently in-progress; meaning the projects have funding for design, funding for construction or are currently under construction. LivableStreets provides support to these projects by writing comment letters, activating community support at public meetings, and collaborating with municipalities and agencies.

Visit the Emerald Network website to view our progress in detail. 

A handful of people sit around a table, looking at or discussing whatever's written on the pieces of paper on said table. They are in a room full of people.What You Can Do

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