A large crowd of people stand outside a 23 bus to Ashmont, waiting to board.

We envision a transit system that is equitable, affordable, convenient, comfortable, and accessible. In order to achieve this, our advocacy is wide ranging across multiple levels of government with us working on everything from fare policy to street changes.

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The cover of the 64 Hours Better Buses report, with a photograph of several people waiting for the 50 bus, and the report title in white on an orange background.
The cover of the Better Buses report, with a photo showing a line of people waiting to board the 47 bus to Central Square

What You Can Do

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Volunteer: Join us in spreading the word about the importance of safe and livable streets. Our volunteers are actively involved in tracking projects, tabling at events, and serving as Street Ambassadors.

Stand up and be counted: Attend a public meeting. Check out the LivableStreets calendar — it’s updated daily!

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