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On March 11, 2020, we released "Not on a Shelf: Reporting on the City of Boston's Progress on Go Boston 2030." Check out the report here: www.livablestreets.info/goboston2030_progress_report


What is Go Boston 2030?

Go Boston 2030 is a City of Boston initiative that envisions a bold transportation future for the City. Ideas and feedback collected from an extensive, multi-year public engagement process were used to develop the Vision and Action Plan, which was released in March 2017.

Brighton Ave Ribbon-cutting Ceremony

What's Happening?

  • Three years after the launch of Go Boston 2030, it's not clear what progress the City of Boston has made toward reaching the access, safety, and reliability goals laid out in the plan.
  • In March 2020, LivableStreets will release a report to evaluate the City's progress on implementation of the plan, made possible through generous funding from the Barr Foundation.

LivableStreets outreach at an outdoor festivalWhat's Next?

LivableStreets is committed to reviewing the City's performance every two years to ensure public accountability in reaching its Go Boston 2030 goals. The biannual report is intended to provide the public with a barometer with which to measure and understand the City's progress. The reports will also help the City recognize any gaps and improve their results.

Check out which Go Boston 2030 projects are planned for your neighborhood:

What You Can Do

Volunteer as a Street Ambassador to help build support for Go Boston 2030 projects and policies.

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