About Us

street ambassadors hold clipboards and mark down answers from people standing at a bus stop labeled "weld avenue". there are around 8 people waiting for the bus, and behind the sidewalk is a chain-link fence surrounding a yellow brick building.


To create a region where all communities are affordable, connected, and climate resilient.


We advocate for just and inclusive policies, processes, and public spaces that ensure all people have safe and accessible mobility and housing options.

Who is LivableStreets Alliance?

LivableStreets is a 501c3 nonprofit located in the Metro Boston area. We advocate for transportation solutions that are safe, affordable, and enjoyable. Our goal is to make our community more connected and livable, and to dismantle invisible barriers that divide communities and people.

LivableStreets' values include:

  • Equity
  • Anti-racism
  • Adaptability
  • Compassion
  • Inclusion
  • Transparency
  • Movement-building

What do we do?

We help Boston community members engage with transportation and housing proposals that will impact their daily lives. We also help government agencies and urban planners develop transportation and green space that meets the needs of communities. Learn more about our programs below.

LivableStreets Program Areas

Emerald Network

The Emerald Network is a project focused on building a 250-mile network of greenways in Greater Boston. Greenways are safe walking and biking paths away from traffic. When complete, miles of paths will connect parks and open spaces across Boston. We work with partners and community members to build new greenways and improve existing ones.

Engagement + Outreach

Outreach focuses on meeting people where they are — on the street! Our Street Ambassador program pays community members to talk to their neighbors. From their work, we gain helpful insights and bring more people into public processes in Greater Boston.

Great Neighborhoods Network

Great Neighborhoods is a statewide network of advocates who focus on the intersections of housing, transportation, and climate change. The network leverages policy, research, and messaging campaigns to build communities that are happier, healthier, and more just.


LivableStreets Alliance is dedicated to supporting policies at all levels of government that reflect a commitment to moving towards a better transportation system with an emphasis on equity.


This work focuses on people who ride the bus, and aims for increased bus access and reliability.We work with coalition and community partners as well as the MBTA, Regional Transit Authorities (RTAs). Our initiatives result in improvements that lead to more efficient and equitable streets.

Vision Zero

We lead the statewide Vision Zero Coalition. Our program promotes prevention-focused traffic safety instead of policing and punishment. This "safe systems" approach values the perspectives of vulnerable road users and works to change people’s method of transportation. We engage in policy- and project-based work, and report on how much progress has been made by local governments.

Annual Impact Reports

2023 Impact Report in progress - check back around March 2024!