2020 Impact Report









2020 was not the year anyone expected, but it did demonstrate the critical importance of the work LivableStreets continues to advance. More than ever we needed efficient transit, we needed open spaces - and safe ways to walk and bike to those open spaces - and we needed to confront the deep racial and economic disparities that have always existed, but were amplified by the pandemic.

At LivableStreets we chose to confront the crisis head on.

A screencap of a virtual StreetTalk. The title in the image is \We pivoted our work in response to COVID-19, continued to advocate for the safety and prioritization of essential workers, coordinated several coalitions locally and nationally, and released a suite of resources for individuals and municipal and agency partners. We also hosted a ​4-part virtual StreetTalk series​ that was viewed by hundreds of people across the country.

We released three reports:

2020 has seen big strides for Better Buses, with 14 new miles bus lanes being implemented throughout Metro Boston, including 3 projects in Somerville that LivableStreets Street Ambassadors supported.

We released a series of Emerald Network maps that provide important information about access to resources, and other benefits, that greenways provide.

A line of people, featuring Great Neighborhoods program director Anabelle Rondon in the center, standing in front of a wall with thick black lines painted in geometric patterns. The bottom half of the photo is overlaid with the Great Neighborhoods logo, which resembles a collection of housing types, including houses and apartment buildings, but as a simple line drawing.We welcomed Great Neighborhoods and the Planners of Color programs into LivableStreets in July, and since then we've built a new coalition of housing advocates from across the state to organize and set priorities for the new year!

We made substantial progress on several key projects with Vision Zero implications, including protected bike lanes on Cummins Highway and American Legion Highway, the completion of the bike network around the Common and Public Garden, and several other long overdue bike network projects in the Downtown and South End.

And we’re proud of the recognition we’ve received for our work. We kicked off the year with national coverage in the ​Wall Street Journal​ and the ​New York Times​. This is in addition to nearly 90 other press hits this year on a wide variety of topics through print, radio, and television outlets.

As we look toward 2021, we intend to keep up the momentum we’ve built. While we’re proud of our accomplishments, Metro Boston has a long recovery ahead- and transforming our streets, transportation and housing policies will be central to a more equitable and successful recovery.

By The Numbers


Grants: $488,718
Individuals: $95,963
Business: $5,668
Fee for Service: $70,661
Donated Goods and Services: $9,845

Total: $670,855



Admin: $134,967
Fundraising: $32,290

Total: $596,915

A pie chart of LivabeStreets members' locations. Boston: 29%; Cambridge: 16%; Somerville: 9%; Brookline: 6%; Outside MA: 12%; Other MA: 29%



Barr Foundation*

Karla Capers

Kathryn Carlson

Michael Charney

Jeff Cook

John Dempsey and Mary Scott

Thomas Duval

Steve Gag & Laura Gang

Helen and William Mazer Foundation*

Jascha Franklin-Hodge

Arthur Gallagher

Stephen Gershman

Lorna Gibson

Mary Horst

JMB Giving Fund

JN Phillips Auto Glass**

Samuel Joffe

Karen M. and Robert Sweet Jr. Fund

Chris Kaneb

Matthew Kiefer

Kittelson & Associates, Inc.**

Pam Kohlberg

David Kroop

Kenneth Kruckemeyer

Jackie Landry

Daniel Lepage



Anmol Mehra

Merck Foundation*

Jacob Meunier & Bo Meunier

Doreen Morris

Vivian Ortiz

Plimpton-Shattuck Fund

Michael Sanders

Brian Sant

David Shapiro

Julia Sharpe & Nate Sharpe

Solomon Foundation*

SSH Fund

Linda Thompson


Tufts HP Foundation*

Julia Wallerce


Bri Whitcraft

WS Development*

Peter Zeeb


* foundation

**business member

2020 STAFF

Lorraine Fryer
Creative Content Manager

Louisa Gag
Policy Advisor

Catherine Gleason
Program and Policy Coordinator

Ambar Johnson
Program Director

Kristiana Lachiusa
Director of Transit + Outreach

María de la Luz (Luli) Lobos Martinez
Community Engagement + Research Fellow

Shavel'le Olivier
Community Engagement Coordinator

Anabelle Rondon
Great Neighborhoods Network Director

Stacy Thompson
Executive Director

A screencap of a LivableStreets staff zoom call. Clockwise from the top left: Catherine Gleason, a young white woman with shoulder-length brown hair, leans her face on her hand; Lorraine Fryer, a white woman with chin-length brown hair falling in front of the left side of her face; Ambar Johnson, a Black woman with dark hair in long braids, leans her chin on the back of her hand; Shavel'le Olivier, a young Black woman with glasses and straight, shoulder-length dark hair held back by a hairband; María de la Luz Lobos Martinez (Luli), a young white Latina woman with glasses and long dark brown hair with streaks of purple; Anabelle Rondon, a Latina woman with her hair pulled back into a casual bun; Stacy Thompson, a white woman with dark brown hair in a pixie cut; and in the center, Kristiana Lachiusa, a white woman with brown hair wearing large over-ear headphones. Everyone has a big smile showing their teeth. Similar image to the previous one, but in this one the staff are being more goofy. Catherine cups her face on both sides with her hands; Lorraine has made an "L" with her left hand and is holding it to her chin as though framing her face; both Ambar's hands are peace signs and she has brought them up to either side of her face near her eyes; Shavele has a big smile; Luli is giving a double thumbs-up; Anabelle's 2-year-old daughter Penelope has joined her and is moving toward the camera; Stacy is waving; and Kristiana is giving a thumbs-up.


Katherine Adam

Kathryn Carlson

Matt Carstensen

Charles F. Denison IV

Jascha Franklin-Hodge

Stephen Gershman

Jason Lee

Vivian Ortiz

Jeff Rosenblum

Brian Sant
Board Chair

Shane Snowdon

Julia Wallerce
Vice Chair

Emily Warren