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2018-2019: Changing the Conversation

Over the past year, LivableStreets has changed the conversation on multiple issues across the Boston area. Here we present some of the news coverage that has elevated both our impact and visibility for the work we've accomplished together with our partners and supporters.

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Groups Want the T to Provide Fare Discounts for Low-Income Riders

Boston_Globe.png July 6, 2018

"We're seeing this happen in cities that have had incredible development the last couple of years, but also staggering income inequality." - Andrew McFarland

LivableStreets worked with partners to convince the MBTA to study implementing low income fares. We'll continue to work on fair fares throughout the implementation of the new fare collection system AFC 2.0.

A group of Street Ambassadors

Back in Harness: Planning to Upgrade Columbia Road
dorchester-reporter-thumb.jpg December 20, 2018

"We want it to be a community-driven process. So, to start, what are the concerns and the values that people all along the corridor share? Where is there common ground?" – Tony Lechuga

A greener, safer, and more accessible Columbia Road is on the horizon. After years of advocacy, the City of Boston has committed resources and staff time to kicking off this important project early in 2020.

Pollack Picks Ground Level Plan for Rebuild of Mass Pike Through Allston

January 11, 2019

"We're hoping that MassDOT and the MBTA will commit to building West Station as the first phase of this project. This is a generational opportunity; we're going to be talking about this 50 years from now." – Stacy Thompson

In January MassDOT announced it would be grounding the I-90 viaduct, a major win. We're continuing to fight alongside community partners to ensure the project includes necessary walking, biking, and transit connections – including West Station.

Governor Baker Proposes Ban on Hand-Held Cellphone Use While Driving

Boston_Globe.png January 22, 2019

"We're starting the session saying safety should be a top priority in our transportation legislative agenda. I think the tone is different this year." – Stacy Thompson

After years of stagnation, both the MA House and Senate passed hands-free bills early in 2019, and just before Thanksgiving the Governor signed a bill into law banning hand-held cell phone use while driving

Boston Traffic Fatalities Cut Nearly In Half, But Overall Crash Numbers Rise
April 18, 2019

"The drop in fatalities is a promising shift, but it's important to acknowledge that any crash can be a life-altering experience, so we must continue to focus on strategies that reduce the overall number of injury crashes on our streets." – Stacy Thompson

After three years of collective advocacy, the Massachusetts Vision Zero Coalition was pleased to report that fatal crashes have declined in Boston. However, the Coalition also noted there is still more work to do, particularly in improving conditions for vulnerable road users like people biking.

Allston Gets a New Bike/Bus Lane

StreetsblogMASSLogo.png June 12, 2019

"A number of community members wanted something to be done to make it easier to bike or take the bus, so thinking about how to make the buses move more quickly was a big focus." – Kristiana Lachiusa

After over 50 hours of Street Ambassadors' work, we were thrilled to celebrate Boston's newest bus lane on Brighton Ave in Allston. This project improves the commutes of over 14,000 bus riders and 1,300 bike riders each day.

A Plan for Boston's Gridlock

Boston_Globe.png June 20, 2019

"The plan's goal to close the gap for the 59 percent of city residents who are currently more than a 10-minute walk from a train, bus stop, bike share, or Zipcar lot is 100 percent within the city's purview, its budget, and its control." – Stacy Thompson

LivableStreets is committed to transparency and accountability. This is why we're evaluating the City of Boston's progress on its Go Boston 2030 goals. Look out for our full progress report early in 2020.


A pie graph showing LivableStreets membership in 2017. Boston: 34%; Cambridge: 10%; Somerville: 7%; Brookline: 4%; Other MA: 21%; Outside MA: 24% A bar graph showing LivableStreets' 2018-2019 Income: Grants, $580,443; Individuals, $116,698; Businesses & Institutions, $28751; Volunteers, $21380.A bar graph showing LivableStreets' 2018-2019 Expenses: Program, $567,205; Administrative, $125,776; Fundraising, $55,565.

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