StreetTalks are LivableStreets’ discussion series. They are forums for learning, a time to discuss important issues and a way for us to gain feedback from the public. Explore our upcoming and recent events below.

8th Annual StreetTalk 10-in-1

Join us for the 8th Annual StreetTalk 10-in-1 as we invite 10 innovative transportation and community thinkers to take the stage and share their big ideas. Enjoy 10 rapid-fire "TED"-style talks, with plenty of inspiration to be had! Topics include: Weird Advocacy That Worked and Didn't with Transit Alliance Miami, Designing Playful Cities, Bringing Autonomous Vehicles to Boston's Streets, Evaluating Boston's Bike Network in Terms of Low-Stress Accessibility and Access to Jobs and Other Destinations, Lessons from Mexico City, and more. One of our most popular events of the year - don't miss it!  RSVP required, but event is free! Meet our featured speakers. Continue reading

Broken Buses + Incomplete Streets: Addressing Inequity in our Transportation System

  Everyone in Metro Boston deserves safe, affordable, and reliable transportation options, but communities of color have been chronically neglected when it comes to prioritizing improvements on our streets.  At our StreetTalk, "Broken Buses + Incomplete Streets: Addressing Inequity in our Transportation System," we discussed why and how city transportation planning needs to address these systemic inequities head-on.    Continue reading


Rabb Hall was packed and the excitement was palpable-- evidence that greenways and open spaces are valuable assets that help us all connect and thrive. Together we can work to advocate for more creative, inclusive, and integrated solutions that prioritize access to "breathing room".   Continue reading

7th Annual StreetTalk 10-in-1

We had record attendance at our seventh annual StreetTalk 10-in-1. Highlights of the evening included Barr Foundation and BostonBRT announcing the winning cities for bus pilots, the launch of the Longwood Area Report, and the public announcement of the Vision Zero Cities Action Plan Guide.     Continue reading