StreetTalks are LivableStreets’ discussion series. They are forums for learning, a time to discuss important issues and a way for us to gain feedback from the public. Explore our upcoming and recent events below.

13th Annual StreetTalk 10-in-1

Photo credit: Jenna Connolly LivableStreets' returned to the Old South Meeting House for our 13th Annual StreetTalk 10-in-1! We had 10 talks (well, actually 11, but who’s counting!) and also offered a hybrid model and ASL Interpretation Services. Thank you so much for joining us — whether you attended online or in-person, your support for our event is truly appreciated, and helped make our event a success!  You can check out photography by Pete Salomone from the event on our Facebook page. And a big thank you to the GBH Forum Network for partnering with us on this event and providing a livestream — watch the full recording of the event below or click here! Thank You to our Event Partners!       Thank You to our Event Sponsors! 13th Annual StreetTalk 10-in-1 Sponsors Continue reading

12th Annual StreetTalk

Photo credit: Jenna Connolly LivableStreets was back in person at the Old South Meeting House, of Revolutionary Spaces, for our 12th Annual StreetTalk 10-in-1—and it was so wonderful to see everyone. We had a great turnout of partners, supporters, attendees and of course… speakers! This year, we had ten sessions, with two groups of two speakers (bonus speakers!) and also offered a hybrid model. Thank you to everyone who attended: in-person or tuned in online, it was so great to reunite. Continue reading

11th Annual StreetTalk 10-in-1

The past couple of years have been rife with uncertainty, but there is one thing you can always count on - StreetTalks! We brought back the most popular Livable Streets event - the StreetTalk 10-in-1 - now in a virtual format. The event featured 10 speakers from around the region and the country in a lightning round of presentations covering a wide range of topics, including transforming housing policy, the future of the MBTA and expanding the meaning of “safe” on our streets. Continue reading

10th Annual StreetTalk

Where Do We Go From Here: Livable Streets, Vibrant Communities, and the Future of Transportation 2020 wasn’t the year anyone expected. As we look toward 2021, many are asking “where do we go from here?”. When LivableStreets was founded 15 years ago we set a bold vision for urban streets -- and it’s time to do that again. From expanding transit access, to transforming housing policy, we held a conversation with national leaders about what we need to do in the next 15 years in transportation to combat climate change, tackle systemic inequity, and make our streets work for everyone. Keep reading to learn more about the speakers and to access a recording of the StreetTalk + links from the chat. Continue reading