StreetTalks are LivableStreets’ discussion series. They are forums for learning, a time to discuss important issues and a way for us to gain feedback from the public. Explore our upcoming and recent events below.

StreetTalk: Making Buses Sexy

Imagine saving two weeks on your commute every year...  Dedicated bus lanes, signal priority, and other techniques that prioritize people on buses are essential ingredients to making this a reality.  We held a conversation with transportation experts on improvements already being planned for our bus system as well as an exploration of bus innovations being implemented globally.  Continue reading

5th Annual StreetTalk 10-in-1

Over 200 people packed Old South Meeting House for our 5th annual 10-in-1 StreetTalk. From making buses sexy to treating streets like coloring books to make them safer, each speaker shared examples of how they are actively working to transform the streets. A special highlight from the evening was the release of the City of Boston's Vision Zero Action Plan. Continue reading

StreetTalk: Connecting Our Urban Greenways

In November 2015, we invited a panel of experts to grapple with some big questions while engaging audience members in discussion around the Emerald Network—a vision for 200 miles of seamless shared-use paths across the Metro Boston area. With more than 100 miles of the network already built, and 30 miles in design or construction—the remaining 70 miles is a significant, but not impossible gap to fill.              Continue reading