StreetTalk: Connecting Our Urban Greenways


In November 2015, we invited a panel of experts to grapple with some big questions while engaging audience members in discussion around the Emerald Network—a vision for 200 miles of seamless shared-use paths across the Metro Boston area. With more than 100 miles of the network already built, and 30 miles in design or construction—the remaining 70 miles is a significant, but not impossible gap to fill. 







Featured Speakers 

Julia-Africa_web.jpg Julia Africa  MdesS, MAOM, Program Leader: Nature, Health, & the Built Environment, Harvard School of Public Health





 Cheri Ruane  RLA, Vice President, Spurr Design Studio, President, BSLA




matt_kiefer.jpg Matt Kiefer  Co-Founder of Emerald Network Initiative, Land Use Attorney, Goulston and Storrs