Street Projects


We believe that combining education with direct action is the best way to achieve meaningful, lasting impact that results in more livable streets. That is why we are tracking and directly involved in more than 80 transportation projects in the Boston metro area. Learn more about our Street Projects here!

  • I-90 Allston Interchange

    The overhaul of Interstate 90 at the Mass Pike Allston interchange is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to redistribute space using multi-modal transportation as a blueprint for development and placemaking.
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  • Commonwealth Avenue

    The City of Boston has committed to completely reimagine Commonwealth Avenue (Comm Ave), a victory for advocates who have pushed for years to make our city safer for all. The new design is a major step forward for the city and the 100,000 people who use Comm Ave every day.
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  • Massachusetts Avenue

    With a commitment to Vision Zero, Boston is dedicating more resources towards eliminating traffic crashes, including a redesign of Mass Ave.
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  • McGrath Boulevard

    MassDOT has committed to grounding the McGrath Highway and McCarthy overpass to create a street level boulevard that will help to re-knit the communities of East Somerville. The redesign is a huge win for the community members, advocates, and city officials who convinced the state to work with them, not around them.
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