March 19, 2013

Sebastian Mariscal stirred controversy with his proposed car-free apartment building

(Photo Courtesy of Sebastian Mariscal Studio via the Boston Globe)


How to get the state transportation system back on track Boston Globe

By George Bachrach and Richard Dimino-- Voters get angry when government sidesteps hard decisions and “kicks the can down the road.” Sooner or later, bills come due and must be paid. We see that now with our transportation system. To the credit of Governor Patrick, House Speaker Robert DeLeo, and Senate President Therese Murray, all appear ready to make hard decisions.

Our livelihoods are rooted in transportation. Roads and bridges keep our economy moving, connecting workers to jobs and companies to customers. Public transit allows thousands of people to get to jobs, and provides affordable access to all, particularly those seeking new jobs in a bad economy. Buses and para-transit bring independence to seniors and those with disabilities. Sidewalks and bike paths create more livable communities.


Governor Patrick Files Transportation Bond Bill MA Transport Blog

The bill invests $13.7 billion over ten years to address a backlog of deferred maintenance and strategically improve our transportation system to reduce congestion on roads, curb delays and minimize crowding on trains and buses, and improve customer service. In addition, this bill continues funding current investments identified in the statewide road and bridge program identified in the Fiscal Year 2013-2017 Capital Investment Plan. In total, the bill authorizes $19 billion of capital investment in the Commonwealth’s transportation system. Taken together, this legislation represents the administration’s commitment to a 21st century transportation system for Massachusetts.


HUGE NEWS: U.S. DOT to Challenge AASHTO Supremacy on Bike/Ped Safety Standards DC Streetsblog

By Tanya Snyder-- For years, the federal government has adopted roadway guidelines that fall far short of what’s needed — and what’s possible — to protect cyclists and pedestrians. By “playing it safe” and sticking with old-school engineering, U.S. DOT allowed streets to be unsafe for these vulnerable road users.

But that could be changing. The bike-friendliest transportation secretary the country has ever seen told state transportation officials yesterday at AASHTO’s annual Washington conference that U.S. DOT was getting into the business of issuing its own design standards, instead of simply accepting the AASHTO guidelines.


While Amtrak Subsidies Draw Fire From Congress, Aviation Gets a Free Pass DC StreetsBlog

By Angie Schmitt-- There’s never any shortage of calls to make Amtrak pay for itself. Republicans deride it as a “Soviet-style monopoly,” rife with inefficiencies. But as Ed Glaeser pointed out in an article for the Boston Globe last week, another mode’s subsidies are approved year after year without a peep: aviation.

According to Glaeser, fees imposed on airline passengers cover just 70 percent of the Federal Aviation Administration’s budget. Aviation subsidies increase if you consider the costs of the Transportation Security Administration. The TSA’s 2013 budget is $7.6 billion, of which only $2.5 billion will come from user fees.


The End of Federal Transportation Funding as We Know It Atlantic Cities 

By Eric Jaffe -- Today the federal transportation program faces perhaps its greatest challenge since that shaky start. The most urgent problem is funding. The Highway Trust Fund that pays for America's road and rail program is heading straight toward bankruptcy. For two decades politicians have refused to raise the 18.4-cents-per-gallon gas tax that populates the trust, even as it steadily loses purchasing power to inflation and fuel-efficient cars. The public has yet to embrace alternative funding sources — road fares or mileage fees on the user-pay side favored by economists; income taxes on the social welfare end — in part because people (mistakenly) believe they already pay a lot for transportation.


London Crossrail for Bikes Cycle London City

Early today, the Mayor will announce “an Olympic legacy for all Londoners”, in the form of a dedicated and meaningful commitment to creating a city where people feel they have the choice to use a bicycle instead of driving. 


Bicycle Culture by Design: Closing Streets to Cars - for Good Copenhagenize

FUD - Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. This is the general feeling when drivers know that the street they usually drive on, may soon be closed to vehicular traffic. This feeling has, to some degree, been used by those who decide to build new roads. In other words, we still live according to Henry Ford's motto, “With mobility comes freedom and progress”. As someone who works with urban planning this can be viewed as when the ends actually justify the means – cities scratched by black tar marks, roads planned and built with eyes closed.



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