May 16, 2013


Students in Roslindale working on a bicycle as part of Bikes not Bombs' Earn a Bike program 

Photo courtesy of Wicked Local 


The Casey Arborway 500 Monkeys

Clayton Harper-- The Casey Overpass, an unsightly and dangerous fly-over that has spanned the Forest Hills section of Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts since the early 1950s is soon to be torn down and replaced by The Casey Arborway, a tree-lined boulevard that represents a tremendous opportunity to rationalize traffic patterns in the area and re-knit substantially broken connections within Frederick Law Olmsted’s beautiful string of narrow but vital parks and parkways known as the Emerald Necklace here in Boston. For several months I've been researching the history and evolution of this location - what Olmsted's plans for it were, how it became like it is today, and what it might become in the future with careful and thoughtful planning. The following is a personal and opinionated view of what I've learned.

Taking Driver's Ed, with an Eye Toward Cyclists WGBH

Anne Mostue-- Think back to when you were a teenager. Before driving a car, there was driver's ed. Those classroom lectures and crash-filled movies probably challenged your attention span. But one thing that received very little attention in class were bicycles. As Greater Boston has seen a dramatic rise in cyclists pedaling next to cars and trucks, we wondered if today's driver's ed students were getting any better training as to how to share the road with cyclists.

Under the Hood of the MA Transportation System: How have bike and pedestrian infrastructure suffered from underfunding?

Christine Chilingerian-- Every time I ride along the Minuteman Trail through Arlington, the Shining Sea Trail to Woods Hole, along the Charles, or on the Cape Cod Rail Trail towards Provincetown, I am reminded of how utterly inundated these popular trails are with other bikers, runners and joggers, walkers, and the occasional roller-bladers. Every so often, I find myself so fatigued from maneuvering around the congestion that I vow to stay far away, at least on any given weekend in spring, summer or early fall. But I have to roll my eyes at myself for this attitude and realize the actual significance: there are so few scenic, well-maintained paths spanning substantial distances that exist for walkers and riders that everyone and their brother (and kids, and dogs) are flocking to a handful of recreational paths and trails. The demand for cycling and pedestrian infrastructure is there. The funding, however, has never been there.


Traffic Pollution May Be Harming Kids in Ways We Never Imagined​ Atlantic Cities

Emily Badger-- As a health concern endemic to urban environments, air pollution and its consequences rank right up there with the rise of obesity and its related uptick in diabetes. Now, it turns out the two problems may also be intertwined. New research [PDF] published in the journal Diabetologia found that children growing up in areas exposed to high levels of traffic-related air pollutants had higher levels of insulin resistance, one precursor to diabetes.


The Inequitable Toll of Pedestrian Deaths DC StreetsBlog

Angie Schmitt-- A recent report by the Centers for Disease Control found that while 10.5 percent of all trips in the United States are made on foot, pedestrians made up 13 percent of all traffic fatalities between 2001 and 2010. During those years, a staggering 47,392 pedestrians were killed on American roadways. In 2010, the per capita pedestrian fatality rate in America was more than double the rate in the UK and Germany — 13.9 deaths per million people compared to 6.7 and 5.8, respectively, according to figures compiled by the British government.



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