May 8, 2014

LivableStreets Alliance Launches Safety Campaign
(Image Courtesy of BostInno)

LivableStreets Alliance Launches Campaign for Cars to Safely Share the Road BostInno

Boston has certainly made strides in accommodating more than just cars on the road. More cycle tracks are in the works, bike-share stations are opening throughout the Greater Boston Area and city bike festivals are helping to ring in the new cycling season. But catastrophes are still all too common. For this reason LivableStreets has launched its Safer Streets Campaign, a collaborative effort intended to both streamline the process of making Boston's roadways safer and encourage people not accustomed to biking to give it a try.


Parklets a lively lure to downtowns Globe

Clusters of brick and mortar retailers can’t top the Internet, so they need to change the game and give shoppers reasons to come downtown. This means rethinking public spaces that haven’t been touched in decades, like streets and lifeless sidewalks, and reprogramming them with parklets and food trucks. It means creating unique experiences on a pedestrian scale, because when pedestrians come downtown, they spend money.


CapeFLYER Weekend Rail Service Returns May 23 MA Transpo Blog

MassDOT and the Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority (CCRTA) today announced CapeFLYER weekend rail service to Cape Cod and the Islands will begin Friday, May 23 through Labor Day, with an improved schedule and new station stop at Wareham Village.  


Somerville begins Central Broadway/Winter Hill roadway design process Somerville Times

The Mayor’s Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development (OSPCD) and Somerville by Design kicked off a meeting for the Central Broadway/Winter Hill Roadway and Streetscape Improvements Project by crowdsourcing the residents in the neighborhood. They have several goals in mind, including improving accessibility and multimodal transportation and maximizing usable green space, as well as safety and aesthetic improvements.


Anthony Foxx Kicks Off Nationwide Project for Better Bike Lanes StreetsBlog

Staring down a highway trust fund that he described as “teetering toward insolvency” by August or September, U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said Monday that better bike infrastructure projects are part of the solution.

“When you have a swelling population like the USA has and will have for the next 35 years, one of the most cost-effective ways to better fit that population is to better use the existing grid,” Foxx said.


Tearing Down an Urban Highway Can Give Rise to a Whole New City Atlantic Cities

I'm standing in the middle of a five-mile linear park in downtown Seoul called Cheonggyecheon. Around me, children play and laugh beside a man-made gurgling stream, which includes remnants of the natural one that used to run here. This is the new reality created in the mid-2000s, when Seoul tore down an elevated, interstate-style highway built in the late 1960s through the heart of downtown.



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