October 2, 2013

A new mural for Dewey Square
A new mural for Dewey Sq
(Photo courtesy of WBUR)

New ‘Restrained’ Mural Replaces Controversial Painting In Dewey Square WBUR

Andrea Shea-- Boston’s newest—and most gargantuan—public mural is now complete. Designed by New York artist Matthew Ritchie, it’s taken over the Big Dig ventilation building that was until recently occupied by the colorful, controversial boy in pajamas painted by the Brazilian street artists known as Os Gemeos.


Transportation issues garner high profile in mayoral race Boston.com

Martine Powers-- It’s the promise almost every mayoral candidate wants to make: bring late-night MBTA service to Boston. Though they have bandied about ideas on how to help finance extended T hours — solicit money from universities, hospitals, and corporations or lobby state legislators for the extra cash — it’s a tall order for any candidate to deliver, considering that the T is a state-managed entity.


Packed transportation forum touches on the T, parking, and cycle tracks Boston Globe

At a Tuesday night candidate’s forum at the Boston Public Library on transportation and livable streets, more than 450 people filled an auditorium — and more were turned away from the overflow room — to watch eight of the mayoral race’s 12 candidates spar on issues ranging from the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, minimum parking requirements, Seaport District traffic, speed limits, bus lanes, the state’s transportation finance plan, and, of course, the oft-discussed separated bike facility known as the “cycle track,” perhaps the most popular topic of the night.


Ten Questions (and Answers) About Oregon¹s New VMT Charge DC StreetsBlog

Tanya Snyder-- This summer, Oregon’s legislature passed a bill creating a vehicle-miles-traveled fee. For those who recognize the shortcomings of the gas tax for charging for road use, it was a big victory. But the program authorized by the state is a modest one, creating a voluntary program for just 5,000 drivers of high-efficiency vehicles.


Car-Crazy Thailand, the 'Detroit of Southeast Asia,' Emulates the Motor City in More Ways Than One Atlantic Cities

Newly Purnell-- A generous car-buying incentive program has hit a major pothole in Thailand, which touts itself as the Detroit of Southeast Asia—presumably referring to the auto manufacturing, not crushing levels of government debt—in the latest in a string of questionable stimulus programs.

The $2.5 billion car-buying scheme was similar to the U.S. "cash for clunkers" plan, but without the clunkers—first-time buyers simply received a tax refund of up to $3,200 in an attempt to encourage lower-income Thais to buy domestically made cars.


The local flavor of mobility in São Paulo The City Fix

Luisa Zottis-- Innovative and sustainable urban mobility is in the spotlight this week in São Paulo, Brazil, after the Virada Da Mobilidade (Turn of Mobility) alternative transport festival concluded yesterday. The good news from São Paulo, the largest city in Brazil, is that bicycles and public bus transport systems are emerging as top players on city streets – including bike sharing systems and dedicated bus lanes. However, locals have plenty of suggestions for how the city can still improve its transport infrastructure to make it easier for residents to incorporate sustainable mobility options into their daily lives.



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