August 8, 2014

Repurposing streets for people

(Image courtesy of Boston Globe)

FROM BETTER TO WORSE ON COMMONWEALTH AVE: City Leaders Need To Step Up For Their Own Policies LivableStreets

Commonwealth Avenue is one of our region’s showcase gems. Designed in part by our own genius, Frederick Law Olmsted, it is a broad, landscaped boulevard that is supposed to welcome everyone no matter their method of movement. But we all know that it’s become something of a mess. The road surface has acne. The Green Line barely moves. Cars pile up. Walkers, including multitudes of BU students, are unable to cross the street. And cyclists are getting injured – as the Boston Cyclists Union documents, in the BU area alone there were 68 reported crashes between 2010-12 including one fatality.

MBTA Late-Night Ridership Tops 400,000 BostInno

People have put late-night MBTA service to use. Since late March, when weekend subway and bus service hours were extended to about 3 a.m., more than 400,000 trips have been taken.

Governor Deval Patrick announced last December that weekend hours would be extended under a one-year pilot program. The challenge was subsequently thrust onto the shoulders of T-riders, who had been begging for public transportation to help keep the city open later: Ride the subway, take one of 15 key bus routes, and force the T to keep late-night service around – for good.

Voters would pay for transportation fixes — close to home Globe

As supporters of a controversial gas tax ballot question gird for battle this fall, their success may depend on whether voters are convinced that new taxes would go toward road improvements in their own towns.

According to a new Boston Globe poll, Massachusetts voters — particularly, conservative voters — are sensitive to whether their taxes will go toward infrastructure upgrades nearby. 

The Atlanta Transit Agency's Big Plan to Convert Parking Lots into Housing CityLab

MARTA, the transit authority for metro Atlanta, is quietly becoming a player in the real estate world, and it has its excess parking to thank. In the past few months, the agency has pushed forward with plans to develop under-used parking lots at three stations—King Memorial, Avondale, and Edgewood/Candler Park—into mixed-use commercial and residential buildings. And MARTA expects to secure at least two more such deals by early next year.

Singapore's Early Morning Free Transit Program Has Been a Huge Success CityLab

What Singapore wanted was what every subway commuter wants: just a little space to breathe on the rush-hour train, thank you. As of March 2013, when the MRT program was announced, about 36,000 people exited at one of the 16 core stations between 7 and 8 in the morning on weekdays, compared to 99,500 who got off at the same places between 8 and 9—a peak-off peak ratio of nearly 2.8 to 1. Ridership was nearly as high in the 15 minutes before 9 a.m. as it was in the whole hour before 8.


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