December 5, 2013

London Protest
London cyclists take a to speak

(Photo courtesy of The Atlantic Cities)

Late T service to be tried on weekends Boston Globe

Martine Powers--MBTA riders and some local businesses hailed news that the T plans to try late-night service next spring on trains and buses until 3 a.m. on weekends.
But even amid exclamations of enthusiasm — “Finally!” “Yessssss!!” and “PRAISE THE LORD!” cropped up on Twitter — some people raised concerns about whether the program could be a success and questioned how the T will overcome the logistical challenges posed by keeping the trains running into times now scheduled for maintenance.

Boston Bikes debuts ‘sharrows on steroids’

Martine Powers--A new set of street markings on Allston’s Brighton Avenue aren’t simply an errant set of dashes installed by city staff with extra paint — they’re part of a national experiment to test innovative bike facilities.
I first noticed the markings last week while driving through Allston Village. Running down the right-hand lanes on both sides of Brighton Avenue are bike-priority icons, known as “sharrows” in cyclist parlance, hugged by two sets of dashed lines along either side that make the lane look more like an airport runway.
My first thought: Sharrows on steroids!

McGRATH HIGHWAY REPAIRS: The Occasional Superiority of Short-Term Solutions LivableStreets

Steve Miller--Both Advocates and Public Agency leaders can find a number of lessons in the multi-level effort to deal with the McGrath Highway corridor in Somerville – which has resulted not only in a commitment from MassDOT to explore ways to eventually replace the crumbling neighborhood-dividing “Chinese Wall” with a less intimidating ground-level road, but a short-term plan to significantly  improve transit, pedestrian, and bicycling facilities as part of short-term repairs to the McCarthy Overpass section.

Why Free Black Friday Parking Is a Bad Idea StreetsBlog

Angie Schmitt--It can be hard for downtown retailers to compete with big box stores in the burbs. That’s why a lot of cities like to offer free street parking on “black Friday.”
It sounds good in theory. But in practice, giving away parking might not do much to help central business districts, or their patrons.

Following a Spate of Deaths, London Cyclists Get Militant The Atlantic Cities

Feargus O'Sullivan--Cyclists staged a "Die-in" in London on Friday to protest a recent spate of cycling deaths on the city's roads. Massing outside the offices of Transport for London, the body governing city transit, protestors lay down in the road way, lit candles and held a moment of silence for the cyclists who have died recently on London's streets—a group currently growing at an alarming rate. Five London cyclists died in collisions with motor vehicles over just nine days in November. The atmosphere has gotten so bad that an estimated 20 percent of London cyclistshave stopped bike commuting due to safety fears.


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