March 16, 2011

Broadway East Somerville
Artist's rendition of a new Broadway in East Somerville
(Photo courtesy Somerville Patch)


  • Large pothole renews debate over future of Bowker Overpass near Kenmore Square (Boston Globe, Beacon Hill Patch)
    By Eric Moskowitz -- The 12-foot pothole that ruptured across the offramp of an elevated roadway near Kenmore Square yesterday sent debris raining down on the Muddy River and snarled traffic in the area during the morning commute. It also renewed attention on the Bowker Overpass, a 1960s relic that some neighbors and officials call an eyesore that should be removed.
  • Separate Bikes-Only Lane in Cities Cut Injury Rate: Study (Bloomberg Businessweek, The Daily, Montreal Gazette, Grist)
    By Alan Mozes -- Cyclists using special bike-only tracks that are physically separated from street traffic have fewer accidents compared to bikers pedalling alongside motor vehicles, a new study finds. "We found that there is a 28 percent lower injury rate when bicycling on cycle tracks, compared with bicycling in parallel and comparable roads," noted study lead author Anne Lusk, a research associate in the department of nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston. "Of course, intersections do have to be well-designed, ideally with red and green bicycle signals," Lusk added. "And even then, we're not suggesting that cycle tracks have zero risk. But rigorous research does show that the difference in the accident rate is real."
  • MBTA forges plan to reduce deficit (Boston Globe, Boston Herald)
    Sale of revenue at parking lots is among ideas
    By Eric Moskowitz -- Facing a projected deficit of more than $130 million for the coming year, MBTA leaders outlined a plan yesterday to balance the budget without raising fares or cutting service. Included is a proposal to sell parking revenue at most MBTA lots to investors in exchange for up-front cash to pay off debt, as well as a deal to lease the 1,275-space parking garage below North Station and TD Garden, which combined would generate or save $80 million for the year.
  • Governor Rick Scott Kills Florida High Speed Rail and Sends 20,000 Jobs Out of State (AltTransport, Transit Miami, Transportation Nation, New York Times, St Petersburg Times)
    By Ami Cholia -- All attempts to save high-speed rail in Florida were thwarted today as the Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit forcing Governor Rick Scott to take $2.4 dollars of federally allocated money to build the project. Scott had previously told US Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood that he would not move forward with high-speed rail because he thought the project would cost Florida tax payers almost $3 billion in cost overruns. His decision was backed up by the Florida Supreme Court, which upheld his authority to reject the federal money.
  • New Bikeway Design Guide Could Bring Safer Cycling to More American Cities (Streetsblog DC, BikePortland, Transport Politic)
    By Angie Schmitt -- Better bicycling infrastructure could be coming to a city near you thanks to an initiative of the National Association of City Transportation Officials. NACTO’s Cities for Cycling committee today released its anticipated Urban Bikeway Design Guide, a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in bicycle infrastructure that is intended to advance state and national policy. Created for a profession that prizes design standards, the document has the potential to spur widespread adoption of bike infrastructure that makes many more people feel safe riding on the street, leading to big increases in cycling for transportation, as well as gains in pedestrian safety.
  • Driver Plows Through Pack of Cyclists, Claims Self-Defense (NPR, Guardian)
    By Bill Chappell -- Brazilian police are questioning a man who drove his car through a crowd of dozens of bicyclists, injuring at least 16 riders who were taking part in a group ride to raise awareness of cyclists on city streets. The driver of a black Volkswagen accelerated as he drove through the center of a pack of riders in the monthly Critical Mass bike ride Friday evening, in the southern city of Porto Alegre. More than 100 riders are believed to have been participating in the event.






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  • VIDEO: Streetfilms: Moving Beyond the Automobile --
  • New York City --
    • City Council Unanimously Passes Bill To Improve Crash Data (NY1)
    • VIDEO: The Case for Bike Racks on NYC Buses (Streetfilms)
    • Bill Banning Smoking in Parks Signed Into Law (New York Observer)
    • Wider lanes, pedestrian walkway & bike path all part of plan for new Goethals Bridge from S.I. (NY Daily News)
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    • Advocates Deliver 1,700 Thank Yous to Sadik-Khan and Bloomberg (Streetsblog)
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    • Bring on bike lanes: Bloomberg and Sadik-Khan should build more, not fewer, pathways for cyclists (New York Daily News)
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  • Chicago's Lawrence Avenue to Get a Trim (Architects Newspaper)
  • Debate over the merits of Maryland's new toll road continues as the ICC opens to traffic (Washington Post)
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  • PSU report: Cycle track, buffered bike lanes working well, but could be improved (BikePortland)
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  • Bicycle master plan is expected to be approved by the L.A. City Council (Los Angeles Times)
  • To improve bus safety, Trimet tests turn warning system (BikePortland)
  • VIDEO: Game Changer: Earl Blumenauer is a Force on Two Wheels (Politico)
  • Bypasses of Bypasses: A Case Study on Induced Sprawl From North Carolina (Streetsblog)
  • $3M jury award in Md. pedestrian death (Washington Post)

National trends

  • National Bike Summit --
  • High Speed Rail --
  • Rage Against Your Machine (Outside)
  • Electric Bike Makers Vie to Gain Footing in U.S. Market (InTransition)
  • Playing with a new deck: The rules of the transportation funding game have changed in Washington (Better Roads)
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  • Greenest homes are those near public transit (USA TODAY)
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  • The Way We Drive Now: There's a reason Washington can't get Americans out of their cars (Weekly Standard)
  • More Highways, Less Congestion: The theory of 'induced demand' fails the road test (Weekly Standard)
  • Bruised Feelings and Skinned Knees Litter Suburban Sidewalk Politics (Wall Street Journal)
  • Threats of Gridlock are Greatly Exaggerated (Planetizen)
  • New Bikeway Design Guide Could Bring Safer Cycling to More American Cities (Streetsblog DC, BikePortland, Transport Politic)
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  • Keeping Tabs on the Infrastructure, Wirelessly (New York Times)

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