May 22, 2014

Green Line Cars
New Green Line Cars!
(Image courtesy of BostInno)

New Green Line Trains Could Hit the Tracks By 2017 Boston Magazine

On Wednesday, Massachusetts Department of Transportation board members unanimously agreed to accept a formal contract with CAF USA, Inc., a Delaware-based company with corporate offices in Washington, D.C., to furnish and deliver 24 new Green Line “Type 9” Light Rail vehicles. The contract, valued at $118.1 million, means that some of those updated Green Line trains will hit the tracks within the next three years.


Boston's New Urban Mechanics Considered Turning Fire Call Boxes into Wi-Fi Hotspots BostInno

One of the reasons so-called Bus-Rapid Transit projects have been so contentious in U.S. cities is that urban street space is a precious commodity. Unwilling to give BRT exclusive lanes along the median, many cities route the buses into curbside lanes with mixed traffic. There, BRT must share the curb with turning cars, double-parked trucks, and other traffic conflicts — forcing the buses initially sold to the public as "speedy" to a crawl.


Boston And Cambridge Are Leading Walk-To-Work Cities WBUR

Sure, it’s easier to want to commute by foot when the weather’s like this.

But, as it turns out, it’s relatively common for Boston and Cambridge year-round.

From 2008 to 2012, Boston had the highest rate of walking to work among big U.S. cities, and Cambridge had the highest rate of walking to work among medium-sized cities, details a report from the U.S. Census Bureau on nonmotorized commutes, out Thursday.

Boston’s walk-to-work rate was 15.1 percent over the five years surveyed. That’s 3 percentage points higher than the No. 2 big city, Washington, D.C.


That Plan to Turn a Steep Street Into a Giant Water Slide Was a Huge Success Atlantic Cities

Back in March, artist Luke Jerram announced his plan to turn a hilly street in the city of Bristol, England, into a 300-ft. waterslide.

Since then he managed to crowdfund the £5,621 (~$9300) needed to cover operation costs. And on Sunday, the urban slide—made of plastic sheeting, hay bales, water, and soap—came to life.



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