July 17, 2013

Boston says goodbye to Dewey Sq.'s controversial Os Gemeos mural

Photo courtesy of Boston Globe


Boston limiting new parking as number of residences soars Boston Globe

Casey Ross-- “We don’t need a parking space for every bedroom in every new building,” Peter Meade, head of the Boston Redevelopment Authority, said in a recent interview. He cited US census data showing that one in three Boston residents is between 20 and 35, and most bike, walk, or use public transportation to get to work.

But the reduction in spaces is roiling residents in some of Boston’s densely populated neighborhoods, with critics arguing that officials are allowing high-minded planning principles to trump the needs of residents who wage a daily battle over precious street spots.


State unveils $2.5m plan to upgrade Weeks footbridge connecting Allston, Cambridge Boston.com

Matt Rocheleau-- State officials plan to start construction next month on a $2.5-million project to improve accessibility along the historic John W. Weeks Footbridge, which spans the Charles River connecting Allston and Cambridge.

The project will include replacing stairs at either end of the footbridge with ramps. Those ramps, along with existing and new paths approaching the bridge, will be built at widths and slopes that are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, officials said.


Longfellow Bridge Construction Begins Amid Traffic Concerns MassBike

This week, MassDOT held the second public information meeting focused on the construction and traffic management plans for the Longfellow Bridge rehabilitation project. If you frequent the area, you may have noticed some of the preparatory work already in progress (in Charles Circle, in Kendall Square, and in front of the Museum of Science), and construction is scheduled to start in earnest later this month and run through September 2016.


Bloomberg’s Traffic Ideas - First the World, Then, Maybe, the City​ NY Times

Matt Flegenheimer-- Though often hamstrung at home by headstrong state lawmakers, an entrenched taxi industry and a city in which even a single bike lane can inspire years of litigation, Mr. Bloomberg has found success overseas in pushing — and financing — a global transportation agenda during his final years as the mayor of New York City.


How should cyclists protect against pollution? BBC

Philippa Roxby-- It is not unusual for city streets to be filled with cyclists as well as cars and buses in the morning rush hour.

Following the publication of research showing that air pollution can cause heart failure in people with weak hearts, should cyclists be wary of breathing in toxic traffic fumes?

Blocking out gases such as carbon monoxide, ozone and nitrogen dioxide, as well as fine particulate air pollution - all contained in the exhaust fumes from buses, taxes and lorries - is a tall order.

But these are the harmful elements that can get into the lungs and into the bloodstream, and have a negative impact on our health.




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