December 19, 2012

City Hall to Go
(Photo courtesy of Boston Globe)


LivableStreets in the News! Profile: Jackie Douglas

BSA Staff-- Right now at LivableStreets, we are working to challenge people, government and businesses to think differently about the role of transportation in our daily lives. We’re working to create a system that better balances transit, walking and biking with automobiles to make the Boston region more connected and livable.


With new truck, City Hall comes to you Boston Globe

By Peter Schworm-- Of all the dreary, disheartening errands, a trip to Boston City Hall has a special brand of bleakness, right up there with a visit to the Registry of Motor Vehicles or a car inspection.

But now residents will be able to conduct their municipal affairs without trekking to Government Center, due to a ­mobile outreach program that will bring City Hall to the neighborhoods.

Starting Wednesday, residents can pay parking tickets and tax bills, get a library card and dog license, even register to vote, at a van dubbed “City Hall To Go.” A newly refurbished bomb squad van, the vehicle was made to resemble a food truck, but is essentially a rolling office, outfitted with laptop computers, wireless access, and the necessary paperwork from a host of city departments.


A bright life, a need­less end Boston Globe

Brian McGrory-- It’s painful to even think about the scene that unfolded on Commonwealth Avenue during the rush hour commute Thursday morning: a tractor-trailer making a wide turn, a bicyclist pedaling along the designated lane, a collision so loud that a worker could hear it inside a nearby store. A young man is dead, the fifth bicycle fatality in Boston this year.

The crash, for every understandable reason, has fueled an increasingly urgent argument about the safety of our city streets: whether motorists are too aggressive, whether cyclists are too cavalier, whether pedestrians need to take greater care. It’s an important discussion, needed sooner rather than later. But amid the inevitable accusations, please think hard and deep about the young man who died. (For more: BostInno, Boston Biker,, BU,, WHDH)


Passenger rail service to run between Boston, Cape Cod starting in 2013

By Matt Rocheleau-- Passenger rail service from Boston to Cape Cod will run for the first time in more than two decades starting in the summer of 2013, a spokesman for the MBTA said Tuesday.

"Working closely together, MassDOT, the MBTA, and the Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority, with the support of Governor [Deval] Patrick, are excited about the opportunity to restore passenger rail service to the Cape next summer," T spokesman Joe Pesaturo said in an e-mail. "A convenient alternative to highway travel, passenger rail service delivers economic and environmental benefits to the area."

He said the service would be run on weekends by the Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority, which would set fares "at a rate consistent with the market value."

Pesaturo said that the three agencies plan to finalize and announce more details over the winter, including specific schedules and fares. (For more: Wicked Local )


Russian Traffic Jam Strands Drivers for 3 Days NY Times

By Andrew Roth-- The snow came down hard on Friday, more than two feet in places, the first big storm of the year here. But in Russia, where the winters are long and hard, it was nothing out of the ordinary, it seemed.

Then some localities apparently decided on their own to close the exits on the M10 highway between Moscow and St. Petersburg, a 400-mile stretch.

The ensuing traffic jam — 100 miles long by some estimates and involving 10,000 vehicles — trapped some motorists for three days and forced senior Russian officials to go on television on Monday to mollify the thousands of angry drivers.

The response came after state television broadcast images of weekend travelers huddled for warmth in idling cars, and after order seemed to break down among drivers left to fend for themselves in the subfreezing temperatures.


Michigan DOT gives bikes 12-feet of space on state highway BikePortland

By Jonathan Maus-- The Michigan Department of Transportation has done something pretty extraordinary for a state DOT. They've recently installed a 12-foot wide buffered bike lane on a one mile stretch of Northwestern Highway (Hwy 10). The new bikeway includes a five-foot bike travel lane and a seven-foot buffer from other traffic.



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