Boston Drivers Rank Among Nation's Worst

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Boston Drivers Ranked Among Riskiest in the Country Even Though It’s Probably Not Our Fault

A new study from Allstate Insurance seems to reaffirm Boston’s reputation for being home to some of the nation’s worst drivers. They ranked us as the second-riskiest drivers in the country based on average years between crashes, with Boston drivers smashing up their vehicles roughly every 4.4 years.

Boston City Council Bans Haystack Parking app BostInno

On Wednesday afternoon the Boston City Council voted in favor of an ordinance that essentially bans the parking app Haystack. The ordinance, filed by Councilor Frank Baker at the end of July, prohibits the selling, leasing or reserving of public ways in Boston which Mayor Walsh's administration contends Haystack does.

Compromise on curb ramps elusive in Beacon Hill Globe

The idea of installing brightly colored curb ramps didn’t go over well in the Back Bay, Bay Village, South End, and Beacon Hill when city officials presented plans to help disabled pedestrians navigate the streets. But when the city offered a more pleasing alternative — brownish-orange color — everyone got on board. Everyone, that is, except the Beacon Hill Civic Association. It has gone to court, claiming the ramps would hinder the neighborhood’s “unique and irreplaceable historic nature.”

Getting rid of Level of Service... LA StreetsBlog

Ding, dong…LOS is dead.At least as far as the state of California is concerned. Level of Service (LOS) has been the standard by which the state measures the transportation impacts of major developments and changes to roads. Level of Service is basically a measurement of how many cars can be pushed through an intersection in a given time. If a project reduced a road’s Level of Service it was considered bad — no matter how many other benefits the project might create.

China Tells Citizens to Bike, Walk, and Snitch in the 'United Struggle' to Breathe Easier CityLab

To fight its stubborn pollution problem, China is asking its citizens to walk or bike instead of driving, to use less air conditioning, and limit the use of outdoor barbecues—and to turn in neighbors who waste electricity or pollute the environment.


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