July 16, 2012

Boston's Newest Bridge
(Photo Courtesy of MA Transportation Blog)



Biking to the future in Boston Boston Globe

By Globe Magazine Staff-- Cities and towns across Greater Boston are peddling cycling construction projects this summer like never before: If it isn’t a Newton city committee proposing 30 new miles of bike lanes, it’s Malden and Everett converting downtown railroad beds into a multiuse path, or Charlestown and Jamaica Plain residents lobbying for bike improvements once antiquated highway overpasses are torn down.


New Bridge For Bikers and Pedestrians Connects Charlestown to Cambridge BostInno

By Steve Annear-- Starting Friday, pedestrians and cyclists (ok, fine, rollerbladers, too) will have a new way to get from Charlestown to Cambridge, without hopping in their car. State officials from the Department of Conservation and Recreation, as well as Governor Deval Patrick, will celebrate the opening of the North Bank Bridge, a strip of walkway connecting East Cambridge to the Charlestown City Square and the Boston Harbor Waterfront.

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T says fare hike, they say fare strike Metro

By Morgan Rousseau-- A group known as Boston Fare Strike Coalition has put out a call for MBTA riders to meet at 6 p.m. Friday at the Park Street T station to hop, piggyback, or talk their way into the T without paying. The activist coalition has spoken out against the recent MBTA fare hikes and service cuts. Organizers say they hope the the civil disobedience gets their message across.

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Green Line Extension: Environmental Approval MA Transportation Blog

MassDOT and the MBTA this week received full federal environmental approval for the Green Line Extension project, a major milestone for the project. The Federal Transit Administration released a Finding of No Significant Impact for the project, reaffirming its myriad environmental, mobility, economic development, and community-building benefits.  Federal environmental clearance is the culmination of several years of technical work done by MassDOT and the MBTA with close cooperation from the Cities of Cambridge, Somerville, and Medford, as well as the participation of hundreds of individuals and local organizations. 


How the Transportation Bill Failed America Atlantic Cities

By Judith Rodin-- Whether you drive to work every morning, hop on a subway or bus, or just pull the bike out for a ride around town, you need to pay attention to the transportation bill that Congress finally passed this week. The bill is a significant step backward and falls woefully short of creating a balanced system that serves all Americans and invests adequately in options and our growing metros.

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Crowdfunding Urban Infrastructure: Can It Be Done? Good Speed Update

By Rob Goodspeed-- With the political climate in many places remaining hostile to new taxes, and cities in need of infrastructure investment, many are considering whether the principles of crowdfunding can be applied to urban infrastructure investment. Two projects I have heard about are doing just that, and I suspect many more are waiting in the wings.




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