November 6, 2013

South Station is Poised for a Major Overhaul
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Driver hits bicyclists in Allston, takes off My Fox Boston

A 23-year-old Watertown man is facing OUI charges for his alleged connection to a hit-and-run in Allston.
Joseph Besnilian is expected to be arraigned Thursday in Brighton District Court on charges that include operating under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident causing personal injury.
Besnilian is accused of hitting two people in their 20s near the intersection of Lincoln and Franklin streets at about 1 a.m.


Photos: Conceptual designs of project to straighten Mass. Pike in Allston

Matt RocheleauThe state this week announced several major transportation projects, including plans to straighten part of the Massachusetts Turnpike that cuts through Allston and reconfigure exit and entrance ramps as well as some local roads.

State officials said the project will relieve traffic congestion and the pollution it produces, while opening up land for development.

The estimated $260-million, multi-phase project is scheduled to start in fall 2016 and be completed by 2020, according to the state transportation department.


Newton Multi-Use Path Moves Forward Mass Transpo Blog

Newton Mayor Setti D. Warren and MassDOT Secretary and CEO Richard A. Davey signed a 99-year lease agreement that will clear the way for the conversion of an abandoned railroad into a multi-use path in the Upper Falls village.

The route will follow a one-mile stretch of abandoned railroad that was formerly the Needham Secondary Branch Line.  The path will start at the Charles River and extend northeasterly, running parallel to Needham Street.

“This project is all about working collaboratively, thinking creatively, and finding new ways to meet the growing demand for more transportation choices,” said Secretary Davey.  “Through Mayor Warren’s leadership, this blighted property will be put to active use, which will promote healthy and sustainable living.”


Driving drops, but Portland gridlock among the tops: What gives? It's called 'driving light' Oregon Live

Joseph Rose-- When the economy took a nosedive in 2008, dragging jobs and disposable income with it, Oregon residents reacted by driving their cars less. Or so goes the conventional wisdom.

But an analysis of new traffic data by The Oregonian shows that driving in the state actually peaked in 2004, four years before the Great Recession hit. What's more, for the first time in the history of America's love affair with the automobile, the driving levels nationally aren't tracking economic growth.


The U.S. Cities Where the Fewest Commuters Get to Work By Car Atlantic Cities

Emily Badger-- IQC fellow Shane Hampton posted some nice visualizations of how major cities stack up against each other by commuter mode share. The data comes from the 2012 American Community Survey, which records how people primarily get to and from their jobs (not necessarily how they make all of their daily trips, to destinations like the grocery store or church).


Smart public bikeshare: The wise man's means of transportation The City Fix

Jeppe Mikel Jensen--By integrating a tablet computer and GPS devices, the new [Danish] Gobike public bike share system gives users the opportunity to receive information on the optimal route and means of transportation for freight and people alike to reach their final destination. Adding ITS elements to bicycles is an excellent way to market bicycles as sustainable and smart alternatives to private cars. Bicycles can also be further merged with public transport and car pool systems with integrated ticketing systems in order to enable smoother transitions between various modes of transport. The introduction of the “smart bike” is a space-efficient alternative to the private car, and a key part of the solution to the challenged infrastructure of our booming cities.



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Parks and Pedestrians

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