July 3, 2013

Brewer Plaza

Brewer Plaza gets a facelift

(Photo Courtesy of Boston Globe)



Boston From Worst to Among Best Bike Cities Ecori

Leslie Friday-- Not so long ago, Boston was one of the most unfriendly bike cities in the country and even earned that unflattering distinction three times from Bicycling magazine.
David Watson remembers those days. Even though he says Boston has historically had a strong community of bicyclists, the city never had the infrastructure or political leadership to support them. That is, until 2007, when Mayor Thomas Menino appointed former Olympic cyclist Nicole Freedman as director of his new Boston Bikes program.


Transit talk Boston-Cape train a hit; bus ridership up Wicked Local

Rich Eldred-- No one has written a song like “Charlie on the MTA” about it, excepting the ever-present radio jingle, but the Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority has been ferrying people to and fro for almost 40 years.
They celebrated Cape Cod Smart Transportation Week last week, which includes everything from bicycles to airplanes, but the RTA is both stolidly old fashioned and forward looking.
One of the best examples is the brand new Cape Flyer train, which revives round-trip passenger rail service to Boston for $35 a trip. One hundred years ago the train was the main way to get to Cape Cod.


Arsenal Mall may become a tech sector haven Boston Globe

Robert Weisman-- A scruffy stretch of East Watertown, home to a pedestrian collection of stores and medical offices, may be destined for a makeover as a mecca for start-ups and young professionals.

Boylston Properties, a Boston developer, is teaming up with athenahealth Inc. chief executive Jonathan Bush and Wilder Cos. to purchase the 225,000-square-foot Arsenal Mall and two nearby parcels.

They plan to transform them from “a black hole,” in Bush’s words, into “a cool place to live and play,” with loft apartments, hip restaurants, and boutiques catering to entrepreneurs and technology whiz kids at nearby companies.

The ultimate goal is to extend the area’s innovation cluster into Watertown by offering lower rents and leases than in pricey neighboring Cambridge.


Supreme Court Weakens Local Governments' Ability to Shape Development DC StreetsBlog

Angie Schmitt-- It certainly won’t be the most talked about Supreme Court decision handed down this week, but “Koontz v. St Johns River Water Management District” will have a long-term impact on the ability of local governments to shape new development.

Tuesday, in a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that a Florida water management district violated private property rights when it asked a local developer to help pay for the environmental mitigation of building on wetlands in return for a construction permit. In her dissenting opinion, Justice Elena Kagan said the ruling has the potential to “work a revolution in land-use law.”


Maybe buses should be free Economist

AFTER riding a tram in Strasbourg, Matt Yglesias, a blogger with Slatehas decided that proof-of-payment fare-collection systems—in which fares are enforced by inspectors who levy steep fines when they catch you without a proper ticket—are better than pay-per-ride systems for public transport. But there's a more radical proposal that could work even better: making public transport free.


The Dutch Prize Their Pedal Power, but a Sea of Bikes Swamps Their Capital​ NY Times

John Tagliabue-- About 6:30 weekday mornings, throngs of bicycles, with a smattering of motor scooters and pedestrians, pour off the ferries that carry bikers and other passengers free of charge across the IJ (pronounced “eye”) harbor, clogging the streets and causing traffic jams down behind Amsterdam’s main train station.

“In the afternoon it’s even more,” moaned Erwin Schoof, a metalworker in his 20s who lives in the canal-laced center of town and battles the chaos daily to cross to his job.
Willem van Heijningen, a railway official responsible for bikes around the station, said, “It’s not a war zone, but it’s the next thing to it.”



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