October 18, 2013


Kittie Knox, 19th Century Bicycling Pioneer Gets Recognition at Last

(Photo courtesy of Boston Globe)


Long-forgotten bicycling pioneer who broke race and gender barriers honored Boston Globe​

Dan Adams-- In the late 1800s, when Boston emerged as the epicenter of a national bicycling craze, women initially were relegated to tricycles. But as they began switching to the kind of two-wheeled bikes men rode, publications offered stern advice on how a lady ought to dress while cycling.

In an 1894 New York Times story headlined, “Garb of Man Makes a Fool of a Woman She Declares and She is Waging a War Against It,” Mary Sargent Hopkins said: “Now, if there is one thing I hate, it is a masculine woman. It has made my heart sore to see the women who have been putting on knickerbockers . . . racing and scorching with the men.”

So it is no surprise that Hopkins, a Boston resident who published the women’s bicycling magazine The Wheelwoman, found little to like about Kittie Knox.


Worcester’s downtown dreams are still unrealized​ Boston Globe

Lonnie Shekhtman--Ten years ago, Worcester’s downtown was going to hum. A consortium of city officials and investors pledged to turn 21 acres of blight into offices, stores, entertainment sites, and luxury residences. The $565 million project — to be privately and publicly funded — was named CitySquare.

Today, CitySquare is still a far-off promise, an unrealized revitalization effort that is all too common in the region’s old mill and manufacturing cities.


Millennials, even those with children, are multimodal and urban Better Cities

If anyone is under the impression that young adults’ preference for urban, multimodal living is a passing fad, they need to think again. Unlike previous generations, Millennials are unlikely to move to distant suburbs in droves as soon as they start raising families, according to a just-released study by the American Public Transportation Association based in Washington, DC.


For Bangkok bikers, gridlock intimidates, inspires Boston.com

Thanyarat Doksone--Thailand’s transport minister got some advice from his mother when she learned he was going to bike the chaotic streets of Bangkok to open a bicycle campaign: ‘‘Bring your ID card. In case you get run over, they can contact home.’’

Bicycling has long been almost nonexistent in this city of 10 million, where those who dare to pedal must cope with unfriendly road designs, crumbling pavement, sweltering heat and growing hordes of cars, buses and motorcycles.



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