Vote No on Q1 on Nov 4

Earlier this fall, we officially joined the Vote NO on Question 1 coalition in order to publicly oppose Question 1. With just two days until Election Day, we wanted to remind you why we should all vote NO on Question 1 on November 4th.

Defeat of Question 1 is critical. If it is passed, it will eliminate $1 billion over the next ten years to spend on transportation projects across the state to keep our roads and bridges safe and to invest in public transportation. That money is desperately needed. Massachusetts has the 2nd worst bridge quality in the country, and one in five of our major roads are in poor condition. 

Vote NO on 1 Massachusetts (2014) - Worst Roads
Vote NO on Question 1
Think of it like this. It costs you more to repair your car if you wait until 25,000 miles to get an oil change instead of getting it every 5,000 miles. It will cost tax payers more down the road to fund our roads, bridges and transit if Question 1 is not defeated. We can't keep fighting every year to receive vital transportation funds. And if we fail to invest in public transportation, we won't be able to meet the needs of the 1 in 8 Massachusetts households who don't own a car.

We will be voting NO on Question 1 on Election Day and we encourage you to do the same. 

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