I am LivableStreets by Briana Malloy




This is my first time writing to you. My name is Briana Malloy. I'm the Portfolio Operations Manager at Root Capital, a non-profit financial services provider to agricultural businesses in developing countries, and I'm the Board Treasurer at LivableStreets.


As Treasurer, I have worked closely with finance committee members and the Executive Director to develop sound financial practices as LivableStreets Alliance grows in staff and operations, and I have shepherded the organization through annual budget processes as well as its first annual review.


With LivableStreets, I have helped grow the organization from one staff to three, through developing sustainable financial and operational practices.

I enjoy being part of LivableStreets because it has made me feel part of the action in the greater Boston transportation scene. The staff and advocacy committee members are incredibly knowledgeable about the latest technical street designs, political events and cultural trends in transportation. It has been a pleasure to work alongside these experts. 


Join me and be part of the LivableStreets community by making a $50 donation to become a member of this fantastic organization. I know first hand how truly important your donation is.

Together, we are the LivableStreets Alliance.




Briana Malloy