I am LivableStreets by Will Cook

With LivableStreets, I have helped coordinate 36 volunteers and over 300 volunteers hours as part of the Volunteer Friday program.


This is my first time writing to you. My name is Will Cook. I'm pursuing a master's degree in design studies from the Boston Architectural College, focusing on urban design and policy making in relation to sustainability and smart growth. At LivableStreets, I lead the Volunteer Friday program, am an advocacy committee member, and a Bike4Life ride marshal.

I've been involved with the Volunteer Friday program since its start this January. The program is made up of core office volunteers who help make LivableStreets run as a non-profit. We assist with website updates, membership mailings, event preparation, and social media outreach, just to name a few. 

With LivableStreets, I have helped
 launch the Volunteer Friday program. I have helped coordinate 36 volunteers give over 300 volunteer hours of key non-profit management work.

Chip in $25 to train more volunteers like me to win safer streets for everyone.
You too can make a difference. 

I enjoy being part of LivableStreets because LivableStreets is composed of many different people from the Boston area, the majority of which are volunteers who want to make a positive change in their neighborhoods. When you donate your time or money to the LivableStreets cause, you know that it's well spent because you can see the results every day.

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$25 end of year donation today.

Together, we are the LivableStreets Alliance.



Will Cook