How 8-year-old Sophie earned her first bike from Dad


Dear LivableStreets,
Charles Lee and his daughter, Sophie.
"My 8-year-old has taken to biking and wants a new bike. So I said if she's committed to learn about safety and help others that I'd buy her a new bike. So we're off and running," Charles Lee, father of Sophie told me mid-August when he registered his family for Bike4Life.

What a great father daughter arrangement I thought. With a $1,000 goal, $100 of which Sophie was to raise, I was excited to follow their page, learn more about their story and meet Sophie and her parents at the September ride.

"I'm confident that we can easily reach the $1k mark by the ride," said Charles. "I'm very happy we are doing this too as we've been surrounded by a lot of bike tragedies in the past two years. I will do anything and everything to teach important safety and awareness lessons to her and to support those that advocate safety for people biking and walking." 

On Saturday, September 13, the first group of 24 mile riders went off at 10am led by Steve Miller, ride marshall and founding LivableStreets board member. Steve gave a safety overview to his group, which included Sophie and her parents, and proceeded to lead them from Auburndale Park on a beautiful bicycle ride through Newton, Weston, Lincoln and surrounding towns. Ride sweep marshall and long-time LivableStreets volunteer Jeremy Mendelson stayed with the three of them until the finish.

Shortly after 12:30, the Lee family came pedaling into Auburndale Park just as people were beginning to enjoy the BBQ. Riders clapped as Sophie, the youngest rider of Bike4Life, finished. 8-year-old Sophie biked 24 miles. She completed her dad's challenge to earn her first bike! Team Sophie raised more than $1,000 helping LivableStreets raise a total of $65,544 to date.


Are you inspired by Sophie's story? Will you help us reach our goal of $75,000 by making a donation today? If Sophie can do it, you can too. Together we can make change happen. Donate $25 by midnight tonight to help us create safer streets for our kids, our parents and loved ones.