I am LivableStreets by Carice Reddien


With LivableStreets, I helped secure buffered bike lanes during Longfellow construction.


This is my first time writing to you. My name is Carice Reddien. I'm a trained architect and a LivableStreets advocacy committee member. My work with LivableStreets was a major inspiration for me to recently leave my architecture job and open a bicycle shop, Bicycle Belle, that focuses exclusively on "utility" bicycles for everyday cycling and accessories.

I've been on the advocacy committee for several years now, and it's great to meet monthly with other advocates to share stories, tips and information that help me be more effective on how I speak up for safer streets in my community.

With LivableStreets, I've helped secure full-time bicycle and pedestrian access during Longfellow Bridge construction. I've also helped win a separated bike lane (cycletrack) on the Western Ave Bridge. As a lead LivableStreets volunteer, I'm still advocating for a separated bike lane on the River Street Bridge.

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I enjoy being part of LivableStreets because 
LivableStreets supports the things I believe in: safer, more people-centered streets and communities. LivableStreets believes in working with government agencies to craft the best solutions possible, and back that approach up with sound technical advice and expertise.

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Carice Reddien