Help Annika's friends bike to school


LivableStreets Alliance

Two years ago I wrote to you about my dream of having our streets be safe enough to let my daughter Annika bike to school. And, I asked you to donate to Bike4Life to help make that possible. In 2012, she was three years old and the road conditions weren't good enough for me to confidently let her bike.


Today, Annika is five years old, and she bikes to school. Since 2012, LivableStreets has been busy making our streets safer not only for my daughter Annika, but for everyone using them. Thanks for your donations to Bike4Life to help make this possible.


I know that biking is not an option for all people or families due to unsafe road conditions, and I'm riding on September 13th to raise money to change that. Even the burden of bringing an infant stroller on the bus needs to change. All transportation options should be first class!


Please donate today to support better transportation options for everyone.

The Bike4Life event is near and dear to my heart because the name means exactly what it says for the Ramey family. Biking has brought us so much life, health & social well-being from daily activity, connectedness to our local community, and bonding as a family.


Today, I am writing to you to ask you to support the Bike4Life ride - LivableStreets' biggest fundraiser of the year. Help us reach our $75,000 goal with a generous donation today. With your donations, we are able to continue to make bigger and better change on our streets.


I want all children to experience the accomplishment that I see on Annika's face when she rides to school. 


Donate now to help create better streets for Annika, and everyone.

Thank you.
Megan Ramey
Board Member and Bike4Life Rider
www .bike4lifeboston. org

Thank you to our Bike4Life Platinum sponsor  

Interested in sponsoring the ride too? Contact [email protected]