I am matching your donation - Andrew Fischer


This is my first time writing to you. My name is Andrew Fischer. I'm a trial attorney primarily representing bicyclists. I'm also a proud LivableStreets member, an annual business sponsor through my law firm, Jason & Fischer, and a frequent volunteer. 

I will match the next $1000 worth of donations, up to $100 each.


I've been a bicycle commuter and bicycle advocate in Boston for over 30 years, and things really changed when LivableStreets came along. Up until the last few years, this has been a hard unavailing struggle. Since LivableStreets arrived on the scene in 2005, we have seen real, positive, lasting change. 


When LivableStreets first appeared, so did the bike lanes on Massachusetts and Commonwealth Avenues. When LivableStreets appeared, the City of Boston began meeting with bicycle and pedestrian advocates. When LivableStreets appeared, the Department of Transportation wanted to meet with us, too.


Real changes, real results are possible, with LivableStreets. This is why I support LivableStreets and will match your gift up to $100 each, totaling $1,000. Help keep this momentum for positive change going strong. Chip in $100 (worth $200!) to win safer streets for everyone. 


I enjoy being part of LivableStreets because LivableStreets has a practical approach of working with government agencies, employees and elected officials. LivableStreets knows when to be tough, when to cajole, and when to praise. LivableStreets has the resources and skills to present better and more livable plans that are not wholly centered around cars.


Join me in being part of this community. Make a $100 end of year donation today and I will match it 100%.


Together, we are the LivableStreets Alliance.





Andrew Fischer
Jason & Fischer Attorneys at Law