I am LivableStreets by Mike Sanders



I was the volunteer photographer at this year's Rush Hour Race.

This is my first time writing to you. My name is Mike Sanders. I'm a civil engineering consultant, a LivableStreets Advocacy Committee member, and Street Ambassador volunteer.

I've been involved with LivableStreets for the past four years. As a volunteer, I've worked on many projects including advocating for a better BU and Mass Ave Bridge as part of the Better Bridges campaign, and as a 
lead volunteer with Brookline street and transit projects. Recently, I reignited the push for trolley signal priority along Beacon Street in Brookline.


With LivableStreets, I have helped win contraflow bike lanes on Essex Street and Ivy Street in Brookline - a key cross town connection for everyone. 

With LivableStreets, I helped win contraflow bike lanes on Essex Street and Ivy Street in Brookline.

I enjoy being part of LivableStreets because I've learned a lot about advocacy and local government, which has taught me how to successfully bring about change in my own community. I really appreciate the knowledge and educational support provided by the LivableStreets community, and encourage all those who want to improve their own neighborhoods to get involved with this great organization.

Join me and be part of the LivableStreets community by 
becoming a member today for $50. The more members we have the more we can train and support volunteers to create on the ground change.


Together, we are the LivableStreets Alliance.




Mike Sanders