Gateway East: A big step in the right direction [5/15/15]

Dear LivableStreets,

Our vision:
a seamless 200-mile network of greenways
At a public meeting held by the Town of Brookline on Wednesday we learned that the Gateway East project will be getting protected bike lanes and improved crossings for pedestrians! 
While we are excited by these improvements and appreciate the great work the Town of Brookline has done to address our concerns since the last public meeting in December, the new design is still lacking elements that would make this area truly livable and enjoyable for everyone who uses it. There are portions of the bike lanes that remain unprotected and some crossing elements aren't ideal for pedestrians. 
All-in-all we've made strong progress thanks to your voice and your support, but we still have work to do. This project, which includes the area between the Jamaicaway and Riverway along the Emerald Necklace on Route 9, is just one piece of a much bigger vision of a seamless network of greenway corridors across the urban core. 
We won't achieve this vision with one meeting or one project. We need your support to stick with it for the long-term.

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With your support we can close gaps and create links between the existing greenway corridors along our rivers, harbors, parks, and other places. Connecting and completing the existing greenways in the urban core will create a seamless 200-mile long network of green travelways for walking, pushing strollers, jogging, skating, cycling, and other non-motorized activity.
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