Featured Projects

This map depicts ongoing projects that members of LivableStreets Alliance's Advocacy Committee are involved in throughout Greater Boston. Want to learn more about a specific project or get involved in our advocacy efforts? Write us at: [email protected]

Featured Projects


Northern Avenue Bridge

The Northern Avenue Bridge was closed to cars in 1997 and foot traffic in 2014. Boston plans to spend at least $46 million to replace the now defunct span. LivableStreets currently serves on the Northern Ave Bridge Mayoral Advisory Task Force and strongly supports the vision for a bridge that will be an iconic destination that improves mobility, strengthens resiliency, and honors history.

I-90 Allston Interchange

MassDOT has announced a final design for the I-90 Allston Interchange that includes putting the Massachusetts Turnpike at ground level in Allston and elevating a section of Soldiers Field Road along the Charles River onto a new viaduct above the highway. These changes will free up land for a new train station and dozens of acres of new development by Harvard University, as well as create a wider band of green space along the river.


Commonwealth Avenue

The City of Boston has committed to completely re-imagine Commonwealth Avenue (Comm Ave), a victory for advocates who have pushed for years to make our city safer for all. The new design is a major step forward for the city and the 100,000 people who use Comm Ave every day.

Massachusetts Avenue

Massachusetts Avenue (Mass Ave) is a major thoroughfare in the Metro Boston area, running 16 miles from Dorchester to the northwestern suburb of Lexington. The street is shared by people who ride the bus, bike, walk and drive. With commitments to Vision Zero in Cambridge and Boston, and funding for bus priority in Arlington, municipalities are dedicating more resources towards decreasing congestion and increasing safety by redesigning sections of this busy corridor.


McGrath Boulevard

MassDOT has committed to grounding the McGrath Highway and McCarthy overpass to create a street level boulevard that will help to re-knit the communities of East Somerville. The redesign is a huge win for the community members, advocates, and city officials who convinced the state to work with them, not around them.