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How do I create a team? 

Whether you are riding or walking you can create a team. Creating a team is a great way to get your friends and family involved and to increase your fundraising success. Follow these 5 easy steps to ensure a proper launch of your fundraising campaign!

Do I have to buy separate tickets for my kids?

For the rides and walk simply select any the tickets that say "Family Registration", this will enable you to register up to 5 family members on one ticket. Simply make sure you add them as participants to ensure we have accurate registration numbers and waivers for all of our participants. This will ensure that everyone participating in Tour de Streets is protected by our insurance!

Do I have to fundraise to participate? 

Fundraising is not required, although we do strongly encourage it! With our fundraising goal of $50,000 we're counting on you to help support our work. We recommend families and friends create their own "teams" and to fundraise as a group and pull on each others networks.

How do I create, or join, a team without registering for the event?

When visiting the Tour de Streets Crowdrise page, you will see a button that says "Join". Once you click that you will be able to create or join a team even if you won't be able to participate in the event. 

How can I effectively fundraise? How does it work for teams? 

Asking friends and family to support your ride or walk is a great way to let people know why you care about making our streets safer and more livable for everyone. Check out our Fundraising Tool-Kit for more tips!

Where is the ride?

The rides and the walk will all begin and end at Turtle Swamp Brewing in Jamaica Plan, which features nearby access to walking and biking paths, and green space. The celebration lunch and party will also take place at Turtle Swamp Brewing.

Where can I leave my bike after the ride?

We will be providing bike valet parking, courtesy of MassBike, so you can be sure your bike will be stored properly and safely. 

What’s for lunch?

Delicious local foods along with plenty of vegetarian options. The party will be from 11:30pm-2pm. 

What is the route? 

There will be a 10-mile guided bike route through Boston, a 4-mile guided bike route for families with small children and a guided 3-mile walk option.

Each route is designed for a safe and comfortable group ride experience and there will be several trained volunteers to help out and make sure everyone is safe and having a great time!

View route maps of all three routes. 

What's up with the transaction fees on the fundraising website?

LivableStreets is using CrowdRise as a fundraising platform because they're a great non-profit tool to add capacity to our staff.  This added capacity ensures that we are able to continue our advocacy work in the days and weeks leading up to a big event. The transaction fee covers the work they're taking off our plate. If you're not comfortable with the CrowdRise transaction fees, feel free to send us a check instead!

What if I want to donate to Tour de Streets in general, not to a particular team or team member?

Under the "Select a Team" dropdown menu, select "General Donations." Then, under the "Select a Team Member" dropdown menu, you can choose "LIVABLE STREETS TRANSPORTATION ALLIANCE OF BOSTON INC"

 What if I have a question that isn’t answered here?

Contact LivableStreets Program Assistant, Catherine Gleason: [email protected] or 617.621.1746.

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