Tour de Streets

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With your help, we raised $55,579 this year!

Event Highlights

  • Our new venue and location were a hit! Our adult and family bike riders enjoyed cruising through the new Bicycle Rotary by Forest Hills and the off street paths of Franklin Park.
  • We had the largest turnout ever for our walk! Participants enjoyed learning fun facts and history about the Southwest Corridor and Franklin Park with Program Director Ambar Johnson and Board Member Ken Kruckemeyer.
  • Back at Turtle Swamp, everyone enjoyed delicious food, ice cream, and beer-- thanks to J.P. Licks, Chilacates, and of course, Turtle Swamp Brewing!

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To check out the event photos, click here and here. Thank you to Rebecca Slocum and Andy Robinson for capturing this special day.

5 Ways to Participate

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Urban Ride

  • Enjoy city streets and paths on a 10-mile urban bike ride, featuring Boston's only bicycle rotary, a few hidden gems of Franklin Park, and many more sites!
  • Appropriate for ages 16+
  • Experienced ride marshals will ensure a smooth ride.

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Family Ride

  • Enjoy a 4-mile family-friendly ride along safe, off-road paths!
  • Experienced ride marshals will ensure a safe, fun ride.
  • The ride will end at a splash pad, so bathing suits are recommended.
  • Appropriate for all ages!

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Walking Tour

  • Explore parts of the Emerald Network and discover some hidden highlights on a 3-mile urban walking tour!
  • Walk will be led by Emerald Network Program Manager.
  • Appropriate for all ages!

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  • Join us for a post ride and walk celebration at Turtle Swamp Brewing.
  • Enjoy delicious food from local restaurants and beer straight from Turtle Swamp!

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Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Gain brand visibility at a popular event that attracts people from across Metro Boston.
  • Receive free event registration for a limited number of employees.
  • Become a part of the LivableStreets family!

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2019 Tour de Streets Sponsors + Partners

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