Fundraising Tool-kit

By registering for Tour de Streets, you’ve committed to more than a walk or bike ride. You are now part of a movement to create safer streets and a member of an extraordinary community.

As you work to meet and hopefully exceed your fundraising commitment this year, we encourage you to utilize the resources below. Whether you’re a Tour de Streets veteran or newbie, you can expect to learn something new and be inspired!

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Getting Started

Create a team: Friendly competition can be a great motivator. Ask a friend or three to join you in your quest to raise the most of any team! (You are also welcome to join an existing team or register as an individual.)

Make it personal: Add photos to your Crowdrise fundraising page, and personalize the text by including an anecdote or simply why you want to raise money for safer streets.

Set a specific goal: Set a fundraising goal for your individual or team fundraiser and then figure out how much you will need to raise each week to get there. Setting a specific goal and schedule will help everyone stay on target and mobilize more asks.

Crafting the Perfect Pitch

fundraising_friends.jpgEasy targets: Brainstorm a list of people who might donate to your efforts. We recommend starting with:

  • Friends and family
  • Current or former colleagues and classmates
  • Neighbors
  • Your professional, volunteer or religious network
  • Your social media connections

Tell your story: The most successful Tour de Streets fundraisers have one thing in common: they ask as many people for support as possible, in very personal ways. Practice telling your story by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What does LivableStreets mean to me?
  • Why did I make the commitment to participate in Tour de Streets?
  • How does transportation impact my life and why do I believe it’s important to create safer streets and more livable communities?
  • If a friend told me that their donation wouldn’t really make a difference, what would I say to them?

Craft an email to potential donors: We recommend creating a personal and direct message that explains the why, how, and who of your fundraising campaign. Feel free to utilize this template letter.

"I started with an email to my network in Boston asking them to join my team. The following week I extended my reach to friends and family outside of Boston, and next week I will follow up with the original group, asking for donations. By staggering the emails and approaching each one with a different angle I get more of a response.

I included details in my emails about how my daughter and I like to ride (hint: to the sounds of Madonna and the Jackson 5) and how my fundraising goal is directly tied to my vision for my daughter's future." - Julia Wallerce

Staying Motivated

Have a fun night out! Partner with a local restaurant and have a portion of the proceeds that evening go towards supporting your campaign.

Training rides: Ask donors to give $1 for each mile you ride over the summer! If you cross-train, create a fitness challenge such as $1 for every pushup you complete.

Double-up: Create a limited-time match opportunity and reach out to friends and family and encourage them to give while their donations will be matched.

Shout it out on social media: Use the examples below to get your network on board with Tour de Streets!

Crossing the Finish Line

Don't be afraid to ASK (and then ask again!): Follow up with anyone you contacted, but never heard back from. People are busy and sometimes need that extra nudge!

Go for the goal: Let people know how close you are to meeting your personal fundraising goal (i.e. "I only need 4 more people to donate $25.")

Invite your friends to join you at the BBQ: it's only 25$, and for their donation they get the reward of good food and a fun time!

"I raise money for LivableStreets because I believe deeply in the organization's mission and I hope that the money we all raise will help to get the word out more about who we are and what we do. I choose fundraising projects that I know will appeal to my friends too. By asking a lot of people for a little bit, I'm able to raise quite a bit!"- Jeannie Hess

Wait, There's More

Flex those fundraising muscles: Fundraising continues after Tour de Streets through the end of September. Be sure to share photos and highlights after the event and let friends and family know that they can still give!

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