Creating and Publishing Your Fundraising Team

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Creating a fundraising team can be simple, keep reading to learn the steps!

You can easily create a Fundraising Team when you register yourself for Tour de Streets. As you're entering your information, you will see this:

Select "Fundraise as a Team" and you will have the option to "Join a Team" or "Create a Team". When you click "Create a Team", you will see this:

In the "Campaign Name" section, write the name for your team. Creativity is encouraged! In "Campaign Goal" section, write the amount you would like your team to raise. It can be as ambitious as you like!

Once you complete the checkout process of registration, you will see this message:

Make sure to click "Go To Campaign" in order to publish your team. If you do not complete this step, your team will remain in draft mode. 

You will then receive two emails from Crowdrise. One will be a confirmation email with your tickets, and the other will have the subject line "Your New Crowdrise Fundraiser is Going to be so Good". The body of the email will look like this:

You can also publish your new team by clicking the "Start Crowdrising" button. In order to be sure you've properly launched your team, you should see this message:

And voila! Your new team has been published, and will be available for other to join and donate to! We encourage you to change the pictures and language to be more personal. 

You're now ready to start fundraising, check out our Fundraising Tool-kit to help you get started!