Creating and Publishing Your Fundraising Team

Joining the event is simple; just follow the steps below! Keep reading for how join and fundraise as an individual. If you would prefer to create a team instead, click here for more instructions.

Once you have navigated to the Tour de Streets Event page, you will see two options, Donate and Join the Event:

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If you wish to donate directly to the General Event Fund or register for the in-person event, click Donate.

If you wish to create your own page, select Join this Event and then select Start a Fundraiser (note: if you want to create. team page instead, click here).

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Once you select Start a Fundraiser, your fundraising page will be created and you now will have the opportunity to customize the page by clicking Build Your Fundraiser:

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We’ve created a fundraising page template, but you can update the title, image, or story to be whatever you like - creativity is encouraged. You can also set a fundraising goal for yourself -- it can be as ambitious as you like!

And be sure to publish your page once it’s ready -- navigate over to the lefthand side bar and click Publish!

A screenshot of the menu options: \

Creating a team page

We recommend creating an individual page rather than a team, as it’s a more streamlined and clear process. However, if you’re still looking to create a team, keep reading below. 

When you click “Join the Event” on the main page, you will click the bottom option that you’re provided with “Create a Team”:

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Once you create a Team page you will see the message below. Please note, while we have created a template and stock language for individual fundraising pages, that is not a feature we have access to for team pages. The template that you create for your team page will be the template provided to all individuals who join your team, so we encourage you to create something that will work for your team members. Because of this, we have provided some stock language here that you can add to your page if you need some help. 

a screenshot that shows the words \

You will have the ability to fully customize the look of your Team Page:

a screenshot of the customizable Team page

You will also have other customization options, such as setting up a fundraiser template as well as donation options. Please read this section carefully, there are some settings we ask that you DO NOT customize!

A screenshot of the Team Settings header, with \

On the general settings page, we recommend you leave all of these as is -- particularly “Offline Donation Tracking”. Please leave that function off and do not track offline donations yourself -- please email Catherine at [email protected] if you wish to ensure that any offline donations (such as checks) are counted toward your team page. 

A screenshot of the \

The “Fundraiser Template” tab at the top of the page is where you can insert stock language for individuals who join your team. Click here for the stock language that we have created that you can insert.

A screenshot of the Fundraiser template page

Please do not make any changes to the settings in the “Beneficiary Settings” tab.


A screenshot of the Team Settings header, with \ 


Don't forget to publish your team. Now you're now ready to start fundraising; check out our Fundraising Tool-kit to help you get started!